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That was close!

Thursday, September 05, 2013

I ended a very busy long long (but fun) day coming home at 10:30 tonight. I was busy talking to my daughter as we were getting ready for tomorrow, and recapping our days at the same time. I decided to jump on the computer to check sparkpeople at 11:40ish and when I did, it hit me! I am on day 2 of my new streak, where I am only counting exercise I do just to exercise for my streak.
Now I walked a whole lot today in the course of my activities. My knee was achy, and sore, and throbby. Add that to the fact that it's dark and hot outside (yep, it's still over 80 at close to midnight) and we really have very little lighting on our streets. There is no way I was going to walk out there all alone in the dark... All in all my first thought was "How am I going to do this?", and my second one was "Why bother?" But my stubborn, competitive side kind of jumped to the front and said shut up, so I retreated to my first question. I decided that I could walk around the inside of my house for 10 minutes just as well as outside. There is a way that you can follow from the dining room through to the kitchen through to the family room, into the living room and back into the dining room. It's a pretty short walk around, as my house is under 1500 sq feet, lol. But I decided I couldn't let my streak fail after one day! So I did it!
At first the dogs followed me, but after the third lap they just stayed in the living room, looking at me strangely while wagging their tails each time I came back around. They are not used to that midnight madness I guess, lol.
It was such a great feeling to know I made the right choice to walk, and now my streak is at the gigantic #2. That's a woo hoo for me!!! And a big sigh of relief that I didn't just forget all about my new streak til I woke up in the morning to log onto SP. That was a little close!
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