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Yes, the kayak still leaks...

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

We took Mavi for another test paddle tonight, and no, they have not succeeded in fixing the leak (or maybe it is leakS). In fact it was leaking worse than ever.We paddled for 2.5 hours and by the time we landed I think I was paddling with at least 60 pounds of water in the boat. I had to use Jeremy's pump to clear most of the water. It was actually deep enough in the boat that I was sitting in water. That makes for some clammy underwear! So, we brought Mavi home and we will try and diagnose her leaks ourselves and then see if it is worth trying to repair her. There is a possibility that she is past salvaging. We could just slap some duct tape on her and call it good. LOL

Tomorrow is looking like it might be a busy day. Plans are still evolving though, so things might turn out more low key than they look right now. I plan on sleeping in a little, which always squishes the rest of the days activities a little bit. That is okay with me... I need my sleep. I still do best with about 9 hours of sleep each night. I get exhausted quickly if I skimp on my sleep. I am just not physically able to do as much when I am tired.

Not certain when we will be kayaking again. I did tell myself that I would get two runs in this week, and so far I have only managed one. Maybe I will find the time tomorrow afternoon.

Last night I woke up around 3am just starving. I am glad I don't keep much snack food on hand, because I would have eaten it all. As it was I ate an entire bag of dried mixed berries. It was a fairly small bag, but still... I wouldn't normally eat the whole thing in one sitting. I recorded the calories as part of breakfast. Hopefully that won't happen again tonight!
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