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Food Ban

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

I am trying to get back on track and it is much like starting my journey over. Just not completely from scratch. Lately, I have been trying to figure out the safe foods are and what are the foods are banned.

This got me thinking. Even through banning certain foods got me initially to my weight loss goal of 160, I don't think I can maintain a lifestyle like that. Maybe that is why I have gained 20 pounds back. I see everyone else eating what they want and honestly, I want the banned foods, too. Maybe they got banned in the beginning because they are higher calories and it'd mean I couldn't eat as much if I ate cheesecake, pizza, chips...

I tell people I can eat whatever I want if it is the correct portion. Maybe it is time to start to follow what I preach. This also means working on my self control. Before it was easier to just avoid foods than try to control my overeating urges.

In other news...
I have been thinking more seriously about writing a book. It doesn't have to be even published. I think it's just something I need to do. To write my story. To figure out why MY story is important. Since I am not very good at making choices, I am thinking I might write two books - a chronological story about my story and a book about the life lessons I have learned during my journey!
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    Your story is important! -- and we have so many great vehicles to share our story: published book, personal diary, regular blogs, or future book. In the process, you will likely fine tune the strategies that work, provide help to others who struggle with the issues of life, and perhaps even provide a revelation to theory that you've most struggled with while you work to be at the healthy person you ultimately desire.

    What a great way to also tell your personal story! This process will also help in the next interview you have with an instructor or magazine writer who wants to share your story with their unique audience struggling to accomplish what you have accomplished. Being a recent college graduate it sounds like you may discovering that research and writing will continue to be one of your many strong suits that help you reach your personal goals. You go, girlfriend! Get all your healthy living goals into focus and begin living them . . . one success at a time.
    1653 days ago
  • GEORGE815
    Decisions build character!
    1653 days ago
    My BF is kinda going through this right now.... he has banned all carbs. It got him results, but he is miserable (and so am I) and it's just not sustainable. I think sometimes we need to come to terms with the fact that life isn't fair and some people can eat X (banned food) and not have a problem and some people can't.

    The most important factor is that you need to be able to reach a SUSTAINABLE weight where you feel GOOD, mentally and physically. That may be a few pounds more than your LOWEST weight, but the goal is consistency and GOOD HEALTH!

    Good luck! :D

    1654 days ago
    you can do whatever you decide you want to do.
    If those foods are your trigger...don't do it.

    I think writing is a good way to express your feelings and acknowledge how you really think about things. It may surprise you.
    1655 days ago
    1656 days ago
    So cool. I would like to write a book also. Always seems like life gets in the way, but this is a better year than most with my youngest in school part time. I would like to write my Mother's story, but in fiction form since she died before my first child was born, I can't find some of the details I would need to make it non-fiction.
    1656 days ago
    I have some foods that are "trigger" foods for me. It's not that they are banned, just that I know I cannot stop when I start eating them. One method I use is to simply buy a smaller quantity--don't buy the big bag, buy the snack size bag, even if it is proportionately more expensive. Then I can have the food but my ability to overeat is limited. :-)

    If you are going to write a book, consider joining in on Nanowrimo, the National Novel Writing Month. It is usually in November, you commit to writing 50K words on a book in the month of November. Great motivation, and depending on where you live, there will be other crazy people doing the same thing and there are "write-ins" and other get-togethers to keep you motivated. Of course, writing that fast means that quality suffers, but you can always go back and edit--it's the getting it on paper at first that is challenging.
    1656 days ago
    I'm trying to incorporate foods I like to eat once in awhile, but not often. It's hard sometimes because you find that they start creeping in more often than they should and you have to be a bit more strict again, but it does seem to make it easier to stick with it knowing that everything I like isn't off limits.

    Also the book? Write it. Like you said, even if it doesn't get published, it might be valuable to you to write out what your journey has been like, but I wouldn't write off publication.
    1656 days ago
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