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Vacation Recap

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

So, on August 23rd I left for 11days. 11 long days. It started like this.

Our flight wasnt leaving Colorado that Friday until around 2:30pm, so that morning I set out to run like 8 miles, but only managed 2.5. It was unusually humid and definitely not fun. I felt like I couldnt get in a groove, and decided I would be happy just doing what I was able to do and not stressing. So, 2.5 miles it was. I then dropped my dog off at boarding, bought a new pair of shoes and purse to match the dress I planned to wear to the wedding that weekend, picked up lunch, even mowed my front lawn, showered, and was all ready to go by 1pm. J was running exceptionally late. I really dont know what happened. But at 1:45 when he finally left work, I knew this was a sign that we would not make our flight. Instead of waiting for him to pick me up, I told him I'd meet him at the airport. He was smart enough to check in online, but I didnt so when I got to the counter to check-in, I was told it was too late! By the time J actually made it to the airport, he would have never made our flight anyway. So the woman at the counter (who was extremely unhelpful) finally booked us on another flight that would leave in about an hour and a half. So after J calmed down (he literally ran through the parking lot), we checked in, and waited for our flight. Since our flight was later, and we had a connection somewhere on our way to Orlando, we werent going to be landing until almost midnight, which meant I needed to call our hotel and let them know we wouldnt be checking in until after midnight sometime, and then call the rental car company to let them know we need to change the time of our pick-up so we dont lose that reservation, too. The person I spoke with at the hotel was very nice but the rental car person was pretty incompetent and had no idea why I was calling. Ugh. We finally boarded our flight from Colorado Springs to Dallas where we had a connection. The flight wasnt bad. I started reading a book and J did work on the plane. Our connection time wasnt very long and then we got on the plane to head to Orlando, which also wasnt bad and I almost completely finished the book I was reading. Neither of us had checked a bag so as soon as we landed we rushed down to the rental car place. Of course, in Orlando, at the rental car desk we were using, there was a line of like 50 people and ONE person working. Ugh. So we waited a half hour, barely moved, and then J booked us a new rental car from his phone internet with a different company that didnt have a long line, and it ended up being cheaper. So he went and picked up that rental car while I called the original rental car company to cancel our reservation. Once again another rude person - they told me my reservation was cancelled becuase I hadnt picked up my car instead. Yes, probably because I had been standing on a not-moving line for over a half hour by this point. Ugh. Luckily, I checked my credit card statement and it doenst look like they charged me for a missed reservation. We finally got on the road and by the time we checked in to our hotel (a Hilton), it was after 1am! We were exhausted and slept like rocks! That bed was super comfortable. In fact, we didnt even get out of bed that morning until 11am (we never sleep in last 9am and even that is late for us!). The wedding was at 1pm and it was 10 minutes from our hotel. We got there about 20 minutes before it started. It was a very small wedding. Mostly family and a handful of friends. The wedding was for my friend Dakota that I used to be stationed with in Phoenix, and her now husband Jeff, who also was stationed with us. They did a full Catholic mass so the service was pretty long. They had the reception immediately following the service at a small country club. There were maybe 65 people at the wedding. J and I sat with my friend Julie (who I also used to be stationed with in Phoenix) and her husband Dave. J got along well with both of them and the four of us spent the entire time talking. The reception was over by 5:30pm, so we went back to our hotel, changed, and then headed to Downtown Disney (since we were in Orlando, after all) and had dinner at our favorite Irish pub! Slept really well again that night, and then headed to the airport in the morning for our 10:30am flight back to Colorado Springs via Denver this time. I read a second book on these flights!

After getting back to Colorado, I drove home to drop my stuff off and do some packing, and then I picked up my dog from boarding. I did a TON of laundry that Sunday so that I wouldnt have to worry about when I got back from NJ. Went to sleep relatively early since we needed to be on the road by 7:30am.

Monday morning was pretty painless but we did hit a ton of traffic driving to Denver. Whenever I fly with my dog, I always fly out of Denver even though its an hour and a half drive there from my house because I prefer to have a non-stop flight with her. We were able to get in a really short security line so we had like an hour and a half by the time we made it through before our flight left. I got a bagel and smoothie while we waited, and Buffy behaved well. Our flight was fairly uneventful and we landed in NJ around 5:30pm. I met up with my brother at baggage claim, and he helped me with my bag and drove Buffy and I to my parents' house. My mom had dinner ready when we got there and it was nice to be home.

Tuesday morning I got up, lounged for a bit, and then my mom and I drove down 2 hours to Atlantic City. We were able to check into our hotel early (thankfully) and after getting settled, we headed out onto the boardwalk and got lunch. We walked about a 1/2 mile to the Caesers pier and did some shopping, then went into a few different casinos. My mom wanted to gamble, so I left her there and went back to our room to get some work done (unfortunately, but not a lot). Then we met up, walked another 1/2 mile again to do some more shopping, went back to our hotel, wandered around our casino for a while, and then went to PF Changs for dinner. We had walked about 2 miles that day, and we were hungry and thirsty. I did a bit more slot machine gambling after dinner and then spent the rest of the night reading for fun. I was so tired, but could not sleep at all. They started allowing smoking in the casinos again, and my hair smelled like it. :( I should have taken a shower before going to sleep. I literally felt like the pillow was crushing my head - that is how much my head hurt!!

I still managed to get up around 6am and go for a run on the boardwalk. It wa pretty dark out, but when I stepped outside, it was still really hot and humid anyway. I decided I had wanted to run down the boardwalk to the Taj Mahal and figured it would be about 1.5 miles to get there, making for a 3 mile run. I actually ran past there to the Revel hotel which was just under 2 miles, and then ran back. On my way down the boardwalk, I ran with a Doctor for a while - he asked if I could pace him for a bit and he seemed nice enough and it was nice to have someone to run with since I always run by myself! He stayed with me for about a mile and then I kept going. After 3 miles, I took a brief walking break, and then ran a nother 1/2 mile for a total of 3.5 miles. The best part was that running at sea level, even with the humidity, made my easy run so much faster than my easy runs in Colorado. I enjoy running at sea level much more than in the altitude, that is for sure! On my way back to my room, I stopped and bought some gatorade for recovery. When I got back, I took a shower and by the time I got done my mom was awake. So we went down to the breakfast buffet. It wasnt that great. Maybe I am biased because last year when J and I went to Vegas, we had an amazing breakfast buffet. This was just mediocre. We then walked about a mile up the boardwalk in the opposite direction of my run, and then back, and then a mile to the outlets. We each bought a new Coach bag, I got a new pair of Nike flip flops, and we got some clothes at the NY&Co outlet. That was enough shopping for me, and by then it had started raining, so we walked another mile back to our hotel. By then I had run 3.5 miles and walked 4 miles! We wandered the casino a bit and then had lunch at this Burger bar with amazing burgers! I had an italian burger and it was delicious, and I definitely want to recreate it at home sometime! My mom did some more gambling, and I read for a little bit and then took a nap. We had such a big lunch so we decided we didnt want to get a sit-down dinner. I ended up getting a sandwich and cupcake much later that night from an Italian bakery. By then I had read I think 4 books total for vacation! I was a reading machine! I did not sleep again that night because my mom snored all night long. I had even taken sleeping pills and her snoring woke me up out of a sound sleep! Ugh! Needless to say, I was pretty cranky in the morning, and ready to leave!

Thursday morning we packed up and then my mom wanted to walk around for a bit so we went back on the boardwalk and ended up having another breakfast buffet on the beach. Even less food than the previous buffet, but the food was better. And who doesnt like eating on the beach, right? Then we headed home, but first we had to make a stop at my grandmother's house to visit her. We only stayed for about a half hour. I was so tired I couldnt even keep my eyes open! Needless to say, when we got back to my parents' house, I took a nice 2 hour nap! Then my brother and I went out to dinner at a Japanese restaurant. I had sushi and it wasnt that great, but it was nice to spend time with my brother. Went back to my parents house and I read for the night before going to sleep.

I had planned to wake up early on Friday morning and go for a run, but I was so tired I ended up sleeping in until 9am, but thats fine. My mom and I went to the mall and I got a card for the next wedding we were attending. I also looked at shoes but didnt see anything that I liked. We went to a craft store also but I didnt end up buying anything. At 3pm my mom drove my dad and I to the local train station so that my dad and I could get a train to NYC for the Yankees baseball game! When I lived in NYC and NJ, I attended lots of baseball games, but havent been to one in 4 years since I left the east coast! We were pretty excited about it, especially since we hadnt been to the new Yankees stadium yet, either! We took the train to Penn Station, and then the subway to Yankees stadium. Not bad rides. The new stadium is pretty awesome - much more impressive than the old stadium. We wanted to take a tour of Monument Park, but the line was so long we decided it wasnt worth it. We ate ridiculous large hotdogs with fries, shared a pretzel with mustard, and drank some beer. It was a really good game and the Yankees won. We had a really great time! It also made me miss watching baseball! The subway was packed when we were leaving - felt like I was in a sardine can, and I was really tired by this point. By the time we got back to Penn Station, we had to wait until midnight to get a train back to our hometown. I was getting cranky again. Then we had the rudest drunk people on our train so that was an awful ride home. I was so exhausted and by the time I got to my parents' house, I went right to sleep!

J texted me early Saturday morning to let me know he had just boarded his plane - it was 5:30am his time when he texted me, so 7:30am my time. Since I was awake, I decided to get outside and run! I decided to just run around my town and figured it would be about 8 miles. I was perfectly correct - I ran a total of 8 miles around town and it was nice. Again, sea level running is much better than altitude running at least for me. It was also the longest I had run in a month, but I didnt feel tired or worn out or sore. The humidity started to get pretty brutal on the last 2 miles, though. After my run, I took my mom's car and picked up bagels for the family (I love bagels and chocolate milk after running!) After showering, I headed to Sports Authority to get a new pair of sneakers, came home and ate lunch, and then headed to the airport to pick up J! His flight had gotten delayed during his connection in Chicago so he ended up arriving an hour later than planned! I had purchased tickets for us to go to Six Flags Great Adventure, so after we dropped his stuff off at my house, that is where we went. It wasnt as crowded as I had expected, but the wait times for the rollercoasters were still really long, and it was frustrating. Also, everything there is so expensive! Much more expensive than Disney World. How is that even possible?! Why was a slice of pizza at Six Flags $10?! Really?! Anyway, I have now decided that I will never go there again. We were so hungry but refused to buy food there, so on the way back to my parents' house we stopped at a diner and ate there instead. Much better for the money anyway.

Sunday we got up, lounged around the house for a bit, and then headed up north about an hour to attend my friend Shawna's wedding. Shawna was my closest friend in law school, so I was very much excited about her wedding. We got to the church about 45 minutes early because we werent sure where we were going exactly. The service was about 45 minutes long, and then we had about 2.5 hours until the reception so we checked into our hotel and relaxed a bit. Then we headed to the reception. My close group of friends from law school (that I rarely ever talk to anymore) were there and that is who we mingled with during the cocktail hour. J got along with the people that I still like, and we kind of jsut ignored everyone else. It was awkward being around these people agian. It was weird because they were such a huge part of my life for 3 years during law school, but when I moved away, I didnt keep in touch with them, they didnt try to keep in touch with me. My life is very different now, and its sad to see that some of them still havent grown up. Our whole table at the reception was the law school group. The food was good, the music was ok for the most part. J doesnt like dancing so while I danced with my friends, he survived. We left about an hour before the reception was over. At that point, I was ready to leave.

Monday morning we woke up, checked out of the hotel, and then stopped at Ihop for breakfast! Then back to my parents' house for about an hour to get the rest of my stuff together, and get my dog! Then my dad drove us to the airport. J and I had different flights, on different airlines, in different terminals. Since it was Labor Day I was worried about the security lines in the airport but it wasnt bad at all, at least when we got there, and we made it through security very quickly. But then our flights got delayed. Mine left about an hour and a half later than it was supposed to. I had a direct flight back to Denver, whereas J had a connection in Chicago on the way to Colorado Springs. By the time I made it home from the airport to my house it was about 9:30pm. By the time J got home it was like 11pm. So needless to say, yesterday I was exhausted.

My mom was very annoying during my trip home. I wish she would just understand that I am an adult and she doesnt need to treat me like a child. I find it extremely offensive. She also doesnt have boundaries, so while I was getting dressed in my bedroom one morning with the door closed, she just opens the door and doesnt think theres anything wrong with that because it's her house. It's just rude! Everytime I plan an extended trip home, I always regret it after being there for about 3 days. I am considering that the next time I visit, I will stay for a shorter period of time, and actually stay in a hotel. J doesnt like staying at my parents' house anyway.

I feel like I need a vacation to recover from the vacation, but unfortunately that will not be happening anytime soon. In fact, in 2 weeks I have to go to South Dakota for a week for work!
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    Wow! What a busy time for you!
    1187 days ago
    emoticon Sheesh you exhausted me just thinking about all you did and do!
    1188 days ago
    I agree with Nat! Goodness girl - that's a crazy vacation! yeah I agree - I don't think I would be able to stay with my parents either. Hopefully the week passes quickly and you can recover over the weekend!
    1189 days ago
    You have been a busy woman. Although your trip sounds like lots of fun I totally understand needing a vacation from vacation. I always try to come back on a Saturday from a long vacatio so I at least have Sunday to catch up around the house before having to go back to work. Hopefully your week isn't too crazy so you have some time to relax and unwind emoticon
    1189 days ago
    Whew!! I need a vacation to recover from reading your blog ;-)
    1189 days ago
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