Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Good morning sparkers. I actually slept well last night, even though we are at the trailer, and hbby has slept in nearly 10 and he is still in bed. Good we both needed it.
Now I have to convince myself to get started on that letter. Procrastination is not a friend in any way,shape or form as it is just feeding my fear, making me nervous, thinking I can't do it, thinking I won't get it, figuring I shouldn't get it............ OH MAN.
Well going to wake hubby up, get us some breakfast, and walk allie. Then we will go down and pay for the early deposit on our lot and the elec. bill for here. We have to go to get some buns for lunch for hubby and sil sausages. Or maybe he will use bread... she may have hers in salad as I will.
Deep breath............ I am worth it, I do deserve it, I am hurtiing, aching and unable enough to have it... I am not a fraud, Others see a diff me, they know I can't where as I still seem set out to prove I should not just I can.
ARGH I hate this............ HUGS sparkers and for those of you that have no idea on the last bit, there are some that do and I know they understand.
Off I go to get a better handle on the day. It started good just my mind letting it get away with me. HUGS
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