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Prayers needed for a possible change in hours at work...

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

As some of you know, I'm a recovery room nurse. I currently work 2 12-hour shifts a week (10:30am-11:00pm) along with doing about 64 hours of call a month. Call can be so hit or miss. You might be there the whole time, or on a rare occasion not get called in at all.

When I first started in the recovery room, I worked 7:30am-8:00pm, 3 days a week (plus call). I worked every Monday, Thursday, and Friday. When my husband became a pastor about a year and a half ago, his days off switched to Thursdays and Fridays. Since I would never have a day off with him, I switched to a different shift when the part-time 10:30am-11pm spot was open. I now work Monday and Tuesday one week, then Monday and Friday the next week, and it keeps rotating. It's nice that I always have a day off with him (and every other week it's 2 days off). It's not a bad schedule, but the problem is that by working late every night, I don't see the kids in the evening, and I'm tired the next day if I have to get up early for something. I feel like half of the next day is wasted...

There is now a 40 hour/pay-period position open, and the hours are 9:00-5:30. It's 2 days one week, 3 the next. (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday one week, then Wednesday/Friday the next, and it keeps repeating). The person who had those hours just switched to my shift because they have decided at work that they are no longer paying for benefits for those who work less than 48 hours (they don't count the on-call time into that). I don't need the actual insurance benefits, but I would lose my PTO (paid time off/sick leave/vacation pay) if I take that position. So I am praying about my decision because I know that I will lose the money of vacation time, but I also know that I could work extra before a vacation to get money stored up for the next week. Also, if I am offered the position, I would try to work an extra 8-hour day on my 2 day week (but that doesn't count to qualify for the benefits, since it would be volunteering).

My husband wasn't for the idea at first since I would lose the PTO money, but the more we started talking about it, the more for it he was. He said he would love to have me home every night and of course to not be so tired the next day.

I haven't said anything to anyone at work (besides my manager). She actually wasn't going to re-post the position, but when I asked about it she had to request approval, which took 3 weeks to hear back. I have heard rumors from a couple people that the person who is leaving those hours and coming to mine is talking about wanting her hours back (which she would now have to re-bid since it's been posted). Not sure how they would decide about that. She has more seniority, but she is also the one who gave the hours up... If I do get it, I'm not sure when they would let me switch to it. When I leave this shift, they would then have to get someone to stay till 11pm 2 nights a week, either through volunteers or mandations. Not sure if they would make me wait until someone was trained to take the job, that could take 3-4 months....

So I'm just in the waiting and praying phase. Asking God for a clear answer on what to do, and to open the doors that need to be opened and close those that need to be closed...
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