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Tuesday, September 03, 2013

What a strange day. I ended up walking with just my two nieces and Cooper. Two of the girls who were supposed to walk with us were getting braces at the dentist, another was sick, and the mom and her three girls said they would meet us on campus, but not WHERE on campus they would meet us, so I had no idea where they ended up. Oh well. Cooper enjoyed himself. Thursday I just have one niece, Allegra, walking with me. Then I will drive her out to the farm in time to take a car full to a homeschoolers picnic.

So, I got my walk this morning, then went out to my parents' farm to pick up mom and take care her to the wound clinic. When I got there she was cleaning the wounds on her legs and dressing them. Yikes! I had never seen them before. They are horrible!! And she says they are much better than what they were a week ago. OMG... I hadn't realized exactly how badly she had neglected her health. I know she says she lost 75 pounds of water weight since she got out of the hospital, and that is very significant, but those wounds on her legs are much more dramatic. All the more reason for me to move in with them. And she is still making noises about starting to drive again. I can't think of a worse idea.

Anyways... we made a few stops after the clinic. A couple grocery stores we don't normally get to because they are too far away for making a quick trip, and the outfitters, so I could pay for my boat rental for the end to end challenge coming up in a couple weeks. Got back to the farm and took in the groceries. Turns out Cooper did NOT enjoy being tied out on the lead by himself for a couple of hours. My brother, Jeremy, was the first home and he said Cooper was barking hysterically and shivering, so he wrapped him in a sweater and cuddled him for a while. Cooper promptly fell asleep in his arms. Cooper seemed fine by the time mom and I got home. Jeremy and I decided to go watch the crazy man who decided to go kayaking on the Lake this evening. It was a very windy day, so there was no way either one of us was launching. I wouldn't take a 12 foot boat out in those conditions, and Jeremy doesn't have a spray skirt yet (it is on order). So, Cooper and Jeremy and I went for a brisk walk on the beach. First to just check conditions and then to make it out to where the crazy man was surfing his kayak. He caught one wave that whitecapped over his stern and actually submerged to bow of his boat. He yelled something while he was doing that, but I couldn't tell if it was a "wahoo" or an "uh oh"! Turns out it was both. We were getting ready to leave and Cooper discovered waves. He started barking at them and trying to bite them. Of course the poor dog got wet. Silly pup.

So, I just got home...

I have time to eat dinner, wash up, (and I need to shave my legs), and finish the book I took with me to read in the waiting room at the wound clinic this morning. Then I am off to bed. I get to sleep in tomorrow, as I have no commitments until 4pm when Jeremy picks us up for kayaking.

Despite all the driving and spectating I managed to keep my fitness streak alive another day. That was Day 714. It is getting close to that goal of 731 days (don't forget we had a leap year).
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    Sounds like Cooper just missed you.
    1629 days ago
    Glad you can be there for your folks. The wounds nearly always look much worse than the person with them feels like they are. Even as a nurse, I sometimes upchuck a little in my mouth!

    Poor Coop - definately wants to be with you.
    1629 days ago
    Day 731 is so close! You can do!
    1629 days ago
    Hugs and WooHoo!

    I'm proud of how you are managing your life! Maybe THAT is what MAINTENANCE is all about.
    1629 days ago
    Tough times for your folks. So glad you are there for them. My Sherman, Cooper's double, loves to nip at the waves and looks SO cute when he chases them. I just love that. That two year mark is sure sneaking up close 17 days? WOW - YOU are a ROCK!!!
    1629 days ago
    Whoohoo for everything you accomplished! Hope Cooper can learn to like waves.
    1629 days ago
  • OPTIMIST1948
    I dont think I would enjoy being outside on a lead either. Does Cooper have a house/shelter he can go into when he is cold?
    1629 days ago
    I hope your mom's wounds continue to heal. Those can be awful but I'm glad she is taking care of them.

    Sounds like a good day. Look forward to hearing about your paddle today.
    1629 days ago
    Ahhh Chandra,,, I have had a couple of uclers on the bottom of my feet !! They HURT SOMETHING AWEFUL, but they LQQKED EVEN WORSE !! Anyone else who saw them were REPELLED !! I was like "OH ok,, let's take care of them." and that was that "to me". Its a lot easier hon to go thru something than to see someone else go thru it. In the end,,, I ended up having a cadaver's skin graft both times to heal the foot. I hope ur Mom does NOT have to go THRU THAT !!!! It took FOREVER For them to heal. FINALLY the Dr did surg and removed some bones on the feet which were causing them. Its soo hard to remember what ALL the surgs were for. They kinda blend in. So with ur Mom hon,,, most likely she just "accepts" these though of course does NOT LIKE THEM !! But, to you its HORRIFING.

    On the drivin,,, I ALSO Felt I COULD Drive, though in ALL actually I COULD NOT !! So hon,,,,, I hope ur Mom comes to realize that drivin is not a good idea,, however I am also dealin with this ,, with my own Daddy. He LIKES IT,, has NO other way around,, HATES being at home all the time. OH MY GOODNESS !! So I talked to him,, and got him to agree to staying in the immediate area.

    Glad Cooper is ok,,, guess he's not an outside/left alone Dawggie huh? WE SHOULD ADOPT HIM as the TEAMs MASCOT !! For ALL he's been THRU !! Do you have any recent pics of him? When you put him into a blog,, remind me,,,andwe'll do that ! WOOHOOOO !!!!

    Also NEAT that you will go for a walk,,,and have been. ENJOY THE ZZZzzz 's tomorrow.
    1630 days ago
    Glad your brother arrived to console Cooper.It really does not sound like your Mom is well enough to drive.I hope she will wait till the doctor thinks she is well enough to drive before embarking on that.
    1630 days ago
    challenges on many levels- more important than your reaction to your mom's legs, and her own opinion, what did the wound care team think?
    way to go on keeping the streak alive; and poor Cooper, such a social pooch being 'abandoned' at the farm - good thing your brother showed up emoticon
    1630 days ago
    Your exercize goal is great. Do you have a reward planned for day 731?
    1630 days ago
    1630 days ago
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