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is it easier to exercise more or eat less, and more healthy?

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

so, here i am taking a poll...

which is easier for you?

is it easier for you to amp up your work outs(i.e. working out longer, more intensity, more variety, more sweating)? emoticon


is it easier for you to eat less calories, use new healthier recipes, use less salt, less pre-packaged food, cut out fast food? emoticon

my husband and i were discussing (well, HE was discussing "I" was ranting, moaning, complaining, griping) how i am working out longer, more often, more intensity, and not losing weight. then HE in all his "wisdomy" (yes, that is a word i made up. i actually make up a lot of words when i am frustrated!) said, "well, hon, how are your calories? still eating a lot of pre-packaged stuff?" emoticon

what the heck??? i wanted, "awww, honey, that's not fair! i don't understand!" emoticon

then we discussed how i LOVE to work out, and could do it all day, if i could... and the heck with eating right! when i did this 4 years ago, i just ate more moderately, and cut out most fast foods, and worked out, and "POOF!" emoticon off came 40 pounds! okay, okay, so it wasn't just "POOF!" but this time is SOOOO much harder(insert very whiny voice here!)!

i really don't WANT to give up a lot of my faves! that's not fair! i AM working out, i should be able to eat half-way descent and still lose the weight. ah... there's the rub... HALF-WAY... i can't do it half way and get the results i want. emoticon

working out is so easy for me... but eating? well, let's just say, i am the MOST picky ADULT eater there is out there! heck, i am even pickier than most kids, thus my problem. seriously, who wants to eat a pizza without extra cheese, and ham and bacon and green peppers on it? i just wish ONCE they would show a contestant like me on the biggest loser, or extreme weight loss, or WHATEVER show! a contestant that can't STAND eating cauliflower, greens, poached salmon, or ANY seafood for that matter! let's see how those trainers, and chefs do with a person like me! oh yeah, they have had "picky" eaters, sure right! but seriously, there is NO WAY i could go to subway and get an all veggie sub! P-LEASE! i am a CARNIVORE! i love red meat, baked potatoes (slathered in butter and SALT).

of course, this is just me whining (be thankful you aren't with me 24-7, like my husband! lol!). i am gonna try to eat better, i just hope that i can start to like foods that are more healthy, i am getting the exercise down, now it is on to conquering the foods. emoticon

ANYway, which is easier for you?
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  • LOVE2MY3
    Tough question! There are so many unhealthy foods that I can't imagine giving up, but if I have them in the house I tend to eat "a little" more than the recommended serving size. emoticon So I am trying to add healthy foods little by little, and I have found that I soon being to crave healthy. Apples, pineapple, carrots, grapes...I need to have some every day!

    But I also think that exercise is important. You need to move to burn calorie, and you feel great when you are done! But if you miss workouts, and you aren't eating healthier foods, you are going to gain weight a lot quicker!

    I think that it is a balancing act, and that you have to give and take on both eating and exercise. You have to deal with the hit and miss before you find your perfect combination! But it is totally worth it! emoticon
    1660 days ago
  • SUE5007
    I still have things like baked potatoes but I make a small one instead of the giant ones. I also arrange to have a fruit/veggie with every meal to keep things balanced. I tend to just have a protein and a carb--like steak and mashed potato, or chicken and rice. But when I include a veggie or fruit it really helps my weight loss overall. I struggle with it because I don't know what fruit/veggie would "go" with the other things I am making. I tell myself, it doesn't matter, just pick something and eat it.
    Jillian Michaels says something like you can't outrun your fork. No matter how much you workout, if you're eating too much when you're done the workout is for nothing.
    You're picky, so what? Eat the few things you can handle. Even if it's an apple everyday at lunchtime. And then rotate between the other 2 things at dinner. There are a dozen kinds of apple, find one you like. I only eat 2 kinds because of texture and sweetness preference.
    Also, if you start experimenting with recipes and ingredients, and making things yourself at home you may be more likely to be open minded to it. Instead of broccoli, try broccoli slaw (which uses julienne cuts of the stalk instead of the florets. Completely different texture and a lighter flavor.) Try adding 1 questionable item to your normal recipes. If you like spaghetti, try adding zucchini, or green bell pepper to it. (Just one ingredient each time you make it and see if there is something you can put up with if it's covered in sauce.) My hubby hates tomato but like the sauce so when ever a recipe calls for salsa or diced tomatoes, I use my hand blender to make it smooth before adding it in. My kids hate beans so I either leave them out or squish them into a paste before adding them. Small changes can make all the difference!
    There are also cookbooks out there that teach you how to "hide" veggies in regular food. Maybe you could look at one of those and do some experimenting with that? Maybe your hubby can make it so you don't know what's in it. Then if you are okay with the flavor and texture you can make it the next time. :)
    1661 days ago
    I'm with you! I want to eat what I want to eat - and would much rather work out than go hungry.

    My motto: I run to eat!

    Maybe being picky can work to your advantage? I am not picky at all - and therefore will eat ANYTHING. I suppose that can be bad thing too?

    The weight is coming off much more slowly for me this time around as well... I think it must be my age? Last time I dropped 30 lbs I was in my early 30s. This time, I'm in my mid 40s. VERY different experience... But with age, I've gained patience - so I can manage the challenge.
    1661 days ago
    I would rather change my eating. I still don't enjoy exercising. After 5 months my walks are enjoyable but strength and cardio inside, not my thing. I am a littel concerned about winter right around the corner. I do appreciate knowing that if I really want the potato chips I can work them in with extra excercise.
    1661 days ago
    My husband and I have the same conversation, only reversed. He does cardio for an hour every morning and then again in the evening. But he doesn't eat the best. He can't drop his weight. Personally, I would rather eat healthy and workout less. The veggie on flatbread from Subway is really good. If you want meat, the 6" turkey breast & black forest ham is only 280 calories. Keep going, you get the food thing down!!
    1661 days ago
    You made me laugh. NO, you are NOT the pickiest eater. My husband is. He was diagnosed with diabetes 3 years ago. The only vegetables he likes is corn, potatoes, green beans, and tomatoes!!! He doesn't even like salad! I will gladly starve rather than work out. I am getting better though.
    1661 days ago
  • HOLLYM48
    I do miss some of those things, but not enough to work out for an extra hour at least if I eat some of those things. I hated fish, or so I thought, and then I tried a few of the recipes in the spark cookbook and I realized I love fish, I just didn't know how to make it. I have always loved fruits and vegetable so that is not a problem for me but it is definitely the portions that caused me to sit back and think about how much I ate before I really committed to this. Once I started weighing and measuring everything, my weight-loss really did start. No one said it was easy, that is for sure, but you know that you are worth it so measure and weigh and try some of those new recipes and you might talk yourself into liking some new things.
    I know you can do it!
    1661 days ago
    First off - thanks so much for making me laugh! This sounds like our house at times. For my wife and I its a one side or other concept too. I work midnights which really messes with me getting a decent workout schedule in . I'd rather do the healthier eating thing- provided I can behave with portions. My wife would much rather do the workout thing. And I don't blame her. For her, eating healthy is a pain. Shes diabetic, and has heart issues. She gets sick from onions, pretty much any kind of pepper there is, seafood, and pork. Its frustrating to us both to try to find healthy recipes that DONT include onions or peppers in them - thats what 80% of healthy recipes use to add flavor to them. No pork and no seafood limit us to chicken and red meat. Needless to say - her answer would be - do more workouts :-)
    1661 days ago
    My hubby is a carnivore and I need to cook for both of us (and crave protein more than the average person). So we generally eat meat grilled/baked(beef, chicken, & pork) and big salads(watch the dressing - usually thin it out so I think I have more). I've added zucchini baked with some flavored bread crumbs, Parmesan and a drizzle of olive oil. Sometimes green beans, or asparagus usually roasted with added flavor. I still manage to keep in range and feel satisfied. Potatoes only on Sunday ;(

    Hope it helps some. When I don't stick in range, all the exercise does is build muscle without any loss. I thought muscle burnt more so we could eat more ba-hum-bug!

    Keep up all your hard work in the end it will all pay off.

    1661 days ago
    In my experience it's 80% about diet and eating right and 20% about exercise. Unfortunately, sorry... you' cannot out-exercise a bad diet.
    Exercise, of course, helps dramatically, but won't do the trick all by itself.
    Once in maintenance it becomes an even greater part of the equation.

    You don't have to go cold turkey on the foods and you certainly don't have to drop your fav foods. Squeeze in a healty meal here and there, decrease your consumption of processed foods, add a fruit/veggie smoothie (they're delicious).

    Wishing you much successs.

    1661 days ago
    I have struggled with this very thing. I have brought my eating habits down into a bit better range, but I can't control it so much to be successful with minimal fitness. I am not a fan of exercise, but I'm getting the hang of things now.

    I have discovered that when I eat all that I used to, mostly bad, I don't feel so good anymore and I didn't realize how many calories or the number of servings that were really in all that food I WAS eating. However, I love food and still struggle, but I've limited the amount of naughty foods and processed stuff that we purchase and consume.

    It will all come together in the end.

    As to your poll question, I would say working out would be the easiest, but maybe it's because you really do have to put more thought into what you eat and sometimes, you don't get to choose what you eat, just the portion. Like if you went camping with friends or to a potluck or something like that.
    1661 days ago
    Oh, say it isn't so...I've been in the same boat; too much food and trying to work it off with harder exercise which as we know doesn't really do it.
    1661 days ago
    All the recent research I've seen says that eating right and relatively low calories is the way to maintain your weight while exercise keeps everything (muscles, internal organs, hormones) working right so you can maintain your weight. I've lost weight by reducing calories and being very careful with food choices, but have never lost weight by just exercising while eating whatever I pleased.
    1661 days ago
    Hmm. That's a tough one. I'd say that right now it's easier for me to eat healthier, and that's mostly because of my schedule. At work I don't have many temptations since I work in an office by myself, so if I bring healthy foods it isn't that hard for me. I'm also going back to school now, so work + school = almost no time to eat out of boredom. The key is planning ahead.

    On the other hand, my schedule makes it challenging to add more workouts, but I am working on at least going for longer walks with the dog even if I can't motivate myself or find time to go to the gym.
    1662 days ago
  • GETTINFIT-2014
    Same story for me. Working out more than ever, and not losing - I'm blaming menopause. I feel great, but the weight is not budging.

    1662 days ago
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