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Day 13 of Insanity!

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Today is Day 13 of Insanity! Tomorrow is a rest day, and then I take my fit test!!!
I donít really feel good about taking the rest day tomorrow. I donít think Iíve really earned it. Between not doing the yoga workout on Sunday (I was at the beach all day Ė still active, but doesnít feel right) and this morning I was supposed to do Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs Ė it was my very first time doing Cardio Abs and I was really looking forward to it.

I had decided last night that I would just focus on Cardio Abs this morning and then do part of Pure Cardio until I run out of time before work and need to hop in the shower. But I really didnít like the Cardio Ab video, which was really, really disappointing because I was so looking forward to doing it. So now Iím not entirely sure what to do about it, maybe switch it out with a P90X ab workout? Or just do it for the month and plow through it. One reason I didnít like it was because some of the moves made my hip pop (weird thing, donít know why it does it, but it causes no pain but I still prefer not to do it because itís not ďnormalĒ) and another reason was because some of the moves were pure jumping straight up and lifting your legs and landing hard on the floor, which I refuse to do because I donít want a knee injury. That one I modified so that I was standing and crunching, but it just wasnít any fun and all the other videos are fun for me. I guess Iíll just see how my abs feel tomorrow and if I donít feel any soreness or like they were worked (which they donít right now) Iíll need to make some changes. The ab workout is very important to me, I want to make sure that Iím getting a good workout in. On top of the disappointing ab workout Ė I didnít end up doing any of the Pure Cardio workout! UGH! I got up too late! Tonight is my night to cook and I said I would have dinner ready at 6:30 and Iím expected to eat with the family so I think Iíll just eat a super light dinner and hopefully around 8 Iíll be able to do the Pure Cardio workout. I really donít want to skip it Ė tomorrow is a rest day and I just donít feel like I got a good workout in today.

Iím really looking forward to the fit test to see what improvements Iíve made, but Iím really NOT looking forward to the measurements and scale. My clothes donít feel any looser and I donít know if Iíll see a scale move. Part of me wishes I could skip that part, but I really want a record of my progress. Itís too bad I canít have someone record it for me and me not have to see the numbers! Not an option right now. Iíll just keep reminding myself that itís a long journey, and just exercising and eating better is making me healthier, whether or not I see progress in just 2 little weeks. Iíve had almost 27 years of making this body I have now, and 2 weeks arenít long enough to undo 27 years (or several years of treating it like crap).

Iíve noticed that since Iíve been consciously trying to eat healthier and listen to my bodyÖ that most of the people around me eat crap. And they are all thinner than me! Not sure whatís going on with that. This morning my friend told me that she brought in snicker doodles and I said no thank you, and she did the sad face and asked me to eat just a little one because she made them. I still said no thank you because I just didnít want one, but I was annoyed that I had to explain myself. Later she wanted a milkshake and I said no thank you, but I went with her to get one and just didnít get one for myself. Everywhere around me people are eating things that they made a deal out of it if you donít eat it, and I find myself getting defensive about it. When someone says to me that they donít want something I donít do sad faces, or get pushy, or try to convince them to eat something Ė I just accept that they donít want to eat it, no matter the reason. They donít want it then they donít want it, whether itís because they are trying to eat better or just donít like whatever type of food it is. I know that a large part of it is that others are trying to make themselves feel better about eating the food so they try to get others to eat it as well to ease their own guilt, but I just get annoyed and defensive. I shouldnít have to defend why I donít want to eat something Ė it shouldnít matter if itís because Iím trying to eat better, or because Iím not hungry, or because I donít like the food Ė my answer is no either way. Iím at the point where I get annoyed at the sad faces and the ďcome ooooonísĒ Iím dealing with it on a case by case basis, but I just felt like complaining about it, lol.

Hope youíre all having a Sparktastic Day!!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You said it best "2 weeks arenít long enough to undo 27 years". I've had to realize the same thing and just keep pushing. Now I'm seeing the rewards !

    Don't worry if you don't see the scale move right now, it will move. (Be sure to take measurements with the tape measure too). I tossed the scale to the side in April and didn't look at it again until August. If you don't see it move, use that frustration to make you keep working. You will have some down days. Go searching for inspiration on those days.

    After people realize that you are eating your own way they will stop trying to get you to eat the crap they're eating.

    The secret here is just keep on going... keep working out and keep eating better. Everyone's body is different and changes at a different pace - but it WILL change if you keep doing those things !
    1148 days ago
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