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Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Today's Coach assignment was to blog about the "all or nothing" attitude and how I can overcome that. I'd like to reflect on what exactly I actually have overcome so far, thanks to Spark.

1. FEAR OF FOOD: There are no "bad foods" that I need to eliminate completely in order to be healthy and successful. Sure, I have some trigger foods that tempt me to overeat, so I either don't keep them around or I buy or make smaller portions of them. Or I factor in those calories for the day and trade them for dessert or a snack. I know a lot more now about what foods actually fill me up, and which ones make me hungrier. Armed with this knowledge, it's easier to make smart decisions at mealtime.

2. OVERDRINKING: I'm happy to say I'm not only managing my love of wine, but I'm even being smart about it! Surprising enough, four ounces tastes just as good as eight, and doesn't leave you with a red wine hangover. Waiting to finish the glass before pouring another is much better than just topping off the glass when it gets low.

3. EMOTIONAL EATING: Okay, I didn't really overcome this. I never have been a stress eater, and when I get stressed I actually avoid food -- and exercise and daily life, which is a huge problem I'm trying to work out. Lately when I've been stressed or annoyed, I've run. That makes a HUGE difference in my mood.

4. ALL OR NOTHING: Yeah, I've had that feeling. "Well I didn't do my scheduled workout yesterday, so what's the point of doing it today!" This one I feel like I have overcome. Every day is a chance to start over and gain momentum towards the goal. And even when I don't meet my calorie deficit, I'm still not overeating and still maintaining, so I may not have lost weight, but I'm not gaining it. One step in place, and tomorrow will be a step forward.

5. I'LL START TOMORROW: This wasn't really my problem but my Mother's and thankfully I didn't inherit that gene. I do like starting new things on a regular schedule, and Mondays and the first of the month usually reflect my excitement more than say, Thursdays. But I haven't been putting off fitness and health today with a plan of starting tomorrow. (Paying bills, doing work, attending meetings, etc -- well yeah all that kind of suffers from my procrastination. Must work on that in the future.)

6. I CAN'T DO X UNTIL Y: I can't work out until I have a new set of weights. I can't run until I join a gym. Blah blah blah. I was the QUEEN of this for SOOOO long, but it's just an excuse, and a symptom of fear and laziness. I can honestly say I have overcome this. But I had to, as a mother. Kids don't wait around until your convenient excuses are met.

7. REGIMENTED STRUCTURE: The Army would have loved me, and I it. I love regimented structure and I function really well when I have specific parameters that are dictated to me. I used to think I didn't have much self-discipline, so I needed someone else to tell me what to do. I think this structure is something I work well in, but I've also somewhere along the way managed to find the self-discipline to create my own structure. That's kind of exciting, and I'm proud of myself. I will be a lot prouder when I actually see results from the study structure, but hey -- I'm a work in progress.

8. ACCEPTING THAT I'LL ALWAYS BE A WORK IN PROGRESS: The journey, not the destination, is key. No matter what I do today, that plan may have to be "fiddled with" to fit what happens tomorrow. I'm accepting that I just don't have the strength or energy to follow the running training plans I found. I have to take them more slowly, and add distance MUCH more gradually than 2 miles a week. But that's okay, because I WILL get there eventually. I did the 9-week Couch to 5K program in 8 weeks, but the 13-week Half Marathon program is too much. I'm okay with modifying. I'm a work in progress, and all that regimented structure I like so much -- well, as I said I'm learning to be more flexible with that, and with my expectations of what I should be doing with my body.

9: SELF-LOATHING: I think every new mom looks at herself in the mirror at least once and thinks "Yuck -- what happened to me?" I'm going to blog about this later, but I think if you dress up and look your best at no matter what weight or fitness level, you can take great strides in eliminating some of that self-hate that comes with not meeting society's expectations (or your own.) Hey, I'm 42 -- I'm no spring chicken and I don't think I want to look like that. But I want to look and feel good, and when I dress like I am, I feel like I am. :)

I'm still working on overcoming laziness, procrastination, disorganization, and some other "deadly sins" but these are the ones I'm proud to address right now in my life's journey.
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