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Tuesday, September 03, 2013

How do weekends go by so fast? And how do holidays go zoom, so so so very fast?

Pittsburgh was… alright. The wedding shower was beautiful and probably one of the nicest that I have ever been to. I won bridal bingo and got a super nice grippy bowl that won’t slide off of a counter or table, filled with popcorn, seasonings, twizzlers and redbox rentals. I’m really excited to have a nice movie night soon! Other than that… it rained. It was gray. The one hotel in town was overpriced and crowded. Food is dirt cheap but surprisingly bad for you. They put French fries and cheese all over their salads, no matter that I got the healthy honey mustard dressing. We did a lot of sitting. I was dreaming of the beach the whole weekend but probably would have drank and ate a lot more there so I guess it all balances out in the end? I know that my bf getting to see his family was important. But MAN do I feel like I missed out on the last weekend of the summer. Blah.

I can’t believe that summer is technically over? I looked out back this morning and I swear the trees are already changing. It is like they knew. Geez!

I think getting away helped break me from my funk a little bit. I realized that I am not being very kind or helpful to myself. I’m not exercising as much, I’m not eating as well, I’m not being nice to myself, and all that cycles into negativity. Getting myself into a better pattern and plan will help. Right?!

I’m also riding meds free today. Yup, my thyroid meds ran out and expressscripts didn’t mail my refills while we were away. I swear to you that I cannot find a reliable, easy way of getting my meds filled to save my life. I’m hoping this break doesn’t hurt me. I noticed that my hunger levels are off. I usually get super hungry about an hour after taking my meds in the morning and that hasn’t happened. My metabolism is surely in the tank today.

BUT – funny how life works out this way – I got a great newsletter from one of my Thyroid sources today about losing weight while being a “thyroid patient.” I honestly believe that it isn’t an excuse at all that thyroid problems lead to weight problems, because I’m living it. My doctor had mentioned to me that going gluten free might help, and this article laid out some GREAT ideas and I think I’m going to steal them for my plan going forward. It is like the universe says PLAN TODAY AND START ANEW. SO I’m going to try to recap this here:


1) Focus on Metabolism Trifecta: exercise, diet, sleep. Listen to my body. Try to sense when they are off balance and try to keep the table stable.

2) Changes to my Diet :

a. Cutting gluten - I have REALLY been slacking on this and slipping backwards. Beer has happened A LOT. I NEED to get back into spending at least half of my week gluten free.
b. Avoiding Goitrogenic Foods - Kale, Broccoli, etc… in RAW form. They say the WORST thing for someone with thyroid issues is to go on a juice diet. I need to move towards the carrot and cucumber snacks again. I have also slipped into eating more soy and that hurts thyroid function too.
c. Limiting Sugar – I already don’t eat much sugar, but I’m going to try to be more mindful of hidden sugars.
d. COOKING and PACKING food. I found a whole bunch of new paleo recipes last week, I know I can do this and cooking/packing will help me avoid gluten. I live near more healthy, fresh markets now. I have to get back into the cooking groove!

3) Getting Sleep

4) Vitamins – I need to be more religious about taking my daily vitamin, I tend to forget. I think I need more Vitamin D, definitely more B12, and I have been hearing a lot of good things about fish oil. Any others that you find helpful?

5) Getting the Right Kind of Exercise:

a. Strength Training (duh) – 3X/Week
b. This article mentioned aiming for regular exercise, but not excessive exercise that leaves you exhausted and recuperating for days. It mentions how this can throw you off. It makes sense to me, because every time I push myself insanely hard, I end up sick. This article recommends walking, pilates, and something called T-Tapp (anyone know anything about this? I have never heard of it!) I enjoy walking and pilates, and that is also what my PT recommends, so I’m going to shoot for at least 5 days of this type of activity.

6) Taking Care of YOURSELF

a. Really want to work on this meditating thing. It is REALLY tough!
b. Forcing myself to write positivity/thankfulness lists on days when I don’t feel positive
c. Using a tip from an old Sparkfriend – when I crave something, write it down. Hold this list for a week or two. Draw a random item from the list and eat it if I still want it. But I think the simple act of writing it down will help me acknowledge it and let it go.
d. Keep journaling here on Spark.
e. Spending 30 mins a day doing something for ME – whether it is reading, gaming, crafting.
f. Working on being kinder, more respectful, and thoughtful.

Just writing this out is making me feel much better and more motivated. I have to stop worrying about other people and focus on myself. I might not be running marathons, I might not be lifting crazy weights, but I have my OWN body with its OWN needs and this is MY plan for success – for now. If I am following my plan, I am moving forward. And everyone knows moving forward is better than going backwards or staying in the same place!

I WANT to feel better. I WANT to help my body function better when it is already struggling. We have several weddings coming up where the photos will be forever. Plus, I kind of feel the urge to switch up some fashion choices I have been making and losing weight will help me there too.

What better time is there than NOW?! Plan is in action….!!!!!!!!!!!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I am going to cry because summer is over - I love the summer months and they zoom by! I am sorry you have a thyroid condition but you plan is so great, I want to hear more details as you implement them (the gluten free/the goitrogenic (sp?)
    - you can do it girl!
    1661 days ago
    I'm sorry to hear the weekend wasn't exactly what you wanted, but hopefully there will be better weekends ahead. I love that you're writing out your plan. I've always found that the only reason I've stuck with it, is because it's been written down. When it's not iin writing, it's to easy to say forget it. I know you can do this Stefani!
    1662 days ago
    1662 days ago
    Your plans look great! I missed a trip to the beach this past weekend too. I am bummed about it! I so miss living a short 1.25 mile drive from the beach.
    1662 days ago
    Great Goals/Plan! I'm getting mine ready. Time to re-spark and make some headway!

    We've got this!
    1662 days ago
    I take fish oils and it has really helped with my mood & just feeling of general well being. I get this one specifically for women that has all the omegas and evening primrose oil which also has a fatty acid that the brain needs, I just find it really helps me with mental clarity & mood in general.
    I try to eat gluten free as much as I can. I don't have an intolerance or any other issues like thyroid (that I'm aware of) but experimenting with it I just find it helps me feel better & less bloated/gassy. I find that eating the majority of my "carbs"(bread,oats etc.) in the morning then tapering them off through out the day ending in a protein/veggie heavy dinner has been working. I feel better when I wake up then next day.

    Hope all the diet experimentation fares well for you!
    1662 days ago
    Your plan sounds solid, woman!

    I'll be eager to hear how the diet changes go for you. Seems that gluten free would go a long way simply because of being so very carb conscious. Eliminate "white foods" and you're halfway there. Same with paleo. I've not ever had probs with the goitrogenic veg but then again I don't eat them in mass quantities ever (I guess the way most people "should" anyway). But I do find that I naturally have a hard time digesting them when they are raw anyway. That's an aspect that has always had me kind of curious. Wish I had some sort of individulized specialty lab that studied me that way :)

    As far as vitamins, it sounds on target. I take a D and B12 supplement because my doc told me to. I did notice a difference in my sleep after starting to take B12...ironically it made it better. I also do daily ground flax for omega 3s...I don't know if it's my imagination, thryoid, stress, or what but I have foggy brain a lot. Paranoia that I'm losing it makes me worry about getting enough omegas, haha.

    I never heard of T-tapp. Hmmm...will be googling that shortly :) I FIRMLY believe in strength training now. After avoiding it for so long, I know it's boosted my metabolism.

    I'd say good luck but I know you've got this!


    1662 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/3/2013 11:28:33 AM
    Great plan, especially #6! (Also, fries on a salad? Who came up with such an absurd idea?)
    1662 days ago
    Writing out my goals this morning had the same effect on me. It's nice to have a plan for the month. We can absolutely do this!
    1662 days ago
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