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Vacationing and the Dreaded Weight Gain

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

This weekend Awesome Husband and I went on a trip to Mystic, CT. Mystic is only about an hour south of us but it's a lovely town.

And yes, Mystic Pizza is a restaurant that exists there.

And no, we did not go. It has awful reviews on Yelp.

Instead, we headed to New London on Friday morning. We went to a cafe that had awesome reviews. When we walked in, I have never felt less cool in my life. Everyone in that cafe was super hip. We got coffee. The coffee was so bad. I mean, maybe that's what GOOD coffee really tastes like. If so, I'll stick to my Dunks and Starbucks.

We went to the beach after that. It was cool and breezy and cloudy. The Atlantic ocean in New England is its most beautiful when it's cloudy. The water looks angry and frightening and powerful. It makes me feel introspective and gorgeous. Awesome Husband and I hiked our shorts up and climbed on rocks and looked out into the water and held hands.

From there, we hit a local comic shop I've been wanting to try out. We went to the movies. We checked in at our hotel. It was a lovely hotel and right across the street from the Mystic Aquarium and Old Mystic Village.

We got Five Guys Burgers for dinner which was my first time and an earth shattering experience. Dang. Them burgers are good.

Then we got froyo.

Sometimes life is too fun and stunning and lovely to care about calories.

Saturday we got up, had a truly atrocious hotel breakfast, and then went to the aquarium. We pet sharks. We laughed at sea lions barking. We cooed over the insane cuteness of penguins. And we stared at Beluga whales.

I pet sting rays which is my favorite part of the aquarium. It was me and a bunch of little kids. I'm nearly 27 years old. I will never stop being a child.

We asked a stranger to take our photo together so we could document how cool we felt.

How amazingly sexy is my Awesome Husband?

We went shopping in Old Mystic. We spent money. We ate pizza and drank beer. We went back to the hotel and watched an Indiana Jones marathon. We munched on candy from the General Store in the village.

We laughed and felt like children. We remembered how wonderful it is to feel carefree. We enjoyed each other.

We did not work out in the hotel gym.

The way I live now is much different from how I lived three years ago. I eat significantly differently than before. I push my body hard and I am fit. So is Awesome Husband. I track my calories most of the time. I make healthy choices most of the time.

Sometimes the healthiest thing to do is to let it all go for a day or two. To eat when you're hungry and eat what you want.

To accept that gaining a few pounds because you were having the time of your life isn't so bad a thing. In fact, it might just be a sign of how GOOD you were feeling.

To realize that you do not have to be moved to eat everything in sight when you decide to eat the food you used to think was "bad". And that maybe that's a sign of how far you've come.

To let go of worries and fears and to just LOVE. Life. Yourself. Your partner.

To come home and back to reality and realize you are not wracked with guilt over the choices you made.

That you do not need to confess to your friends that you had burgers two nights in a row.

That ALL your experiences total up to an amazing time.

That your life is so much more than just the food you eat and the weights you lift and all together it can be so good.

It SHOULD be so good.

It can't all be a weekend away with the love of your life. It shouldn't be. If it was, it wouldn't be nearly as special.

But eating food (mostly healthy) and working out (most of the time) and experiencing all you can experience are all part of it and all of it can be enjoyed.

Even when the scale goes up.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    RIght on
    1601 days ago
    RIght on
    1601 days ago
    This is totally the best blog ever. Because hotel breakfast is terrible, but life is beautiful. And you are living it the way you like it, and you are finding time to realize it. So congratulations!
    1601 days ago
    Love this blog! You and Awesome husband both look great and it sounds like a wonderful time. We all need to let go and have fun with our spouses and just be ourselves and your blog reflects that. P.S. I'm old enough to be your mother and I'd be knee deep petting rays if given a chance. Glad you had a wonderful holiday and wish I could have been with my dh doing the same thing! emoticon
    1603 days ago
    What a beautiful blog post and great photos and best of all, your sharing of your experiences with your Awesome Husband and your adventures in Mystic, CT!! How romantic it all is!

    Love is the base, the core of all that we are, all that we do, even though many in this world don't recognize that. Self love, partner love, life love; love makes the world and our lives go around!

    Congratulations on an emotionally healthy, loving, relaxing and rewarding weekend together! (I love Belugas!!)
    1603 days ago
    Great post, great pix. Such a cute couple!
    1603 days ago
    Awwwww baby beluga, so cute!!!!!

    You look FABULOUS in these pix, and you guys are adorable together. Too stinkin' cute. And you're TOTALLY right - what is a few pounds versus some awesome memories and time spent with the ones you love? Sometimes you gotta live life and there is no use spending that time worrying about your waist.

    I also had no idea so much cool stuff was up in CT, might have to head north! Thanks travel guide! Looks like an AWESOME weekend!
    1603 days ago
    Five Guys is TOTALLY a life changing experience. Five Guys was the first time in my life I ever had a restaurant burger. LOL. It sounds weird but ever since I was a tiny kid- I refused to eat beef anywhere but home. Just one of my quirks, I guess.

    I went to the national aquarium when I was 23 and they used to have a seahorse column thing right when you walked in full of seahorses. Because of The Little Mermaid Saturday morning cartoon when I was a kid, I thought seahorses were the size of... horses. I was so confused when I saw them at the aquarium. I asked my boyfriend if they were babies. Did I mention I was 23... and have a degree in biology...?
    1603 days ago
    THIS is what it's all about:

    "To let go of worries and fears and to just LOVE. Life. Yourself. Your partner."

    Love it! Yes, yes, YES! :-)

    1603 days ago
    I absolutely LOVE this and how cool do you guys look?! awesome!!!!

    Oh I can't wait until MY hubs and I get to go to the East Coast!!!
    1603 days ago
    Love it :) Glad you had a great weekend!
    1603 days ago
    Glad you had a wonderful get-away with your hubby. The memories you have will last a lifetime.
    1603 days ago
  • BAKER1009
    Jolene, this was by far the most emoticon blog I've read in a long time!! emoticon

    I'm glad you and awesome husband had such a great time. I'm glad you were able to get away together and just enjoy life and each other. You look so happy together!
    1603 days ago
    Great blog. And have to agree. If 95% of the time we are making the healthy choices, then the other times become what they should be, TREATS on rare, SPECIAL occasions.

    My husband and I are doing a lot of travel to different ComicCons right now as part of his business and I've found that there are always some healthier choices and that I still lose weight if I have A dessert at one meal (and I usually cut it in half and put the seond half on my hubby's side of the table).
    1603 days ago
    emoticon for sharing. Life, Love, Laugh.... So Important.

    1603 days ago
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