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Carb Hangover

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Well, first weekend AND holiday weekend on the new "life plan" was... not so great lol. I have a weak will. It didn't help that I went to my parents for most of the weekend and there were carbs carbs everywhere!!! Carbapooloza! So, I ate. It was pretty ridiculous. I'm pretty sure people, especially my parents, aren't going to be super mad if I say, "Why, no thank you, I would not like to try a bite of your homemade super delicious dessert because it would completely kick me out of my new low carb lifestyle, even though it does look amazing". I'm sure those, that do truly love me, would say... Ok weirdo. Which would be ok.

I guess I need to work on saying "No". No means no right? Right.

Oh well, le sigh and fiddle dee dee. Today marks a new week for me. Instead of losing the 7 lbs that I had found on the scale on Thursday, I will mark 1 lb loss. A loss is a loss. :)
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