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Sugar Reaction. . . Yuck!

Monday, September 02, 2013

Yesterday, after I wrote my poem about my being "on my way" and feeling wiser, I went to the mall with my hubby after a good lunch. There is a dessert that I've eyed up every time I go past a cookie shop. It's a red velvet brownie, cream cheese icing and all. I always told myself not to get it because once I tasted it, I'd be more likely to eat one again.

This time, before I even got into the mall, by calculating my calories for the day, I decided it was ok to get one. So I did. It was very delicious and the texture was perfect. I didn't regret it. It didn't make me crave more sugar, which is unusual. But, in three hours it was supper time. I felt exceedingly hungry by the time our meal was ready. I decided exactly how much I was going to eat. (because I knew if I didn't I'd overcompensate for being so hungry.) I stuck to it.

For four hours following dinner, I felt shaky and edgy. I blame it on the sugar overload I had earlier. I did not like the feeling at all. In the past, this feeling would drive me to eat, maybe even binge! I didn't do either. I poured myself iced coffee with cream, and sat and tried to watch tv with hubby. The only thing that seem to help was distracting myself by scanning through Pinterest. I'm sure it was reaction to sugar, since I hardly eat it anymore. If I do, it is in quite limited amounts.

I didn't eat more. That's a good thing. I also feel like I learned my lesson. Do I really want to do that again? Does the four hour sugar reaction pale in comparison to the few minutes I enjoyed the brownie? I think not.

I hope in the future I will recall this event and be wise in my next decision about this or another sugary choice. To top it off, I'm cranky today. So it is probably more than a four hour reaction. I hope I've really learned my lesson. Sure, I stayed in calorie range, but those empty calories could have been more wisely spent!

I'm reseting my brain. Refreshing in my mind the commitments I've made to myself to eat at the low end of my calorie range, and to keep myself free from binges. I can do it!
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  • _JODI404
    Yes YOU CAN do it!!!

    I think you will remember this as a lesson learned. I recently did a 30 day reset to reduce my sugar and I loved how much better I felt during that period. It sounds like a classic sugar reaction to me. One thing I try to do now is always split in 1/2 any treat with hubby. Automatically that cuts the "damages" in half and still allows me a treat if I want one here and there occasionally. I find that 1/2 is always more than enough.

    You did a great job with staying busy on Pinterest. I've been using that staying busy technique myself and it really does help a lot!

    You are doing really great!! When you document these things in blogs, it helps that you can go back to read again too if you are seeing a trend develop. That and your super awesome quotes that I love!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! emoticon
    1660 days ago
    Sugar rush is for the young. It just makes me jittery too and feeling uncomfortable in my skin. One bite may be fine but the whole thing!
    1660 days ago
  • LARISSA238
    Congrats on not bingeing! You did a great job! I'm sorry you had such a bad reaction to the sugar, but I'm glad you learned from it. *hugs*
    1660 days ago
    What a lesson! You really analyzed the treat and its results. As we go on in this journey I think we continue to learn lessons, both big and small. Good job with this one!
    1660 days ago
    Great insight! I'm sure a lot of us, as we start eating better, occasionally go through similar situations and I can relate. But, I think you handled the situation like a champion and you should be proud of yourself for it! emoticon
    1660 days ago
    I find that the treats I used to enjoy now make me feel gross. It's great now to look at those foods and remember that gross feeling and turn away.

    I'm glad it didn't lead you to overeat! It's a win, a tough one, but a win!

    1661 days ago
    Not fun! Glad you resisted the urge to overeat...maybe a smaller sized treat, or just a couple of bites could satisfy the craving, and prevent a reaction?

    Glad you are on track!
    1661 days ago
  • KANOE10
    I am the same way..I cannot handle much sugar and stay away from it. You were strong to work through the after effects and to stay away from more sugar. well done.

    We are all learning more and more about ourselves.

    1661 days ago
  • OOLALA53
    Sometimes I wish I had those reactions. Most of the time, I don't. But, things are actually going well. (Personally, I don't mind having some minor urges to eat a bit more. I can ignore them and some sweets are worth that, but I don't like that logy feeling.) I'm getting much better at choosing the items and amounts that I can enjoy without feeling any negative reactions to. The rest of the time, it's not hard to pass things up.
    Two things overeaters typically do, and which helped me to put some effort into reversing, is magnifying how good a food will feel and taste, and minimizing how crappy they will feel after eating it at the moment of choice. Go ahead and spend some time now really remembering how you felt AFTER eating the brownie. Briefly imagine yourself in a situation where you might want a sweet, and imagine thinking of wanting to avoid those consequences. It really is worth the few minutes it takes to do this BEFORE you get into the situation.

    You are doing so great! I think you are down to the fine-tuning now, aren't you? emoticon
    1661 days ago
  • -KRISTI77-
    Great job on not overeating later! Off to check out the Tame Your Sweet Tooth Challenge that was posted in the comments. I feel like SparkPeople is really helping me with mine already, but extra help to drive the point home is never a bad thing.
    1661 days ago
    I know that terrible feeling well. It's a good awareness to have and definitely not worth the feeling.
    1661 days ago
  • CHERYLA2012
    Experience is a very good teacher if we allow ourselves to be receptive to the lesson!

    Here's to you feeling better~!
    1661 days ago
    Well done on not caving. I do get what you are saying about sugar unbalancing you. Now that we have gone on healthy eating, that sugar does BAD things to us. I try to give sugars a wiiiiiddddde birth.
    1661 days ago
  • -AMANDA79-
    That brownie won't be taunting you anymore when you walk past it! What's that saying? Something about lessons learned hard are learned best?
    1661 days ago
    Hello! Have you tried the Tame Your Sweet Tooth Challenge? I just completed it and it really helped me with my sugar issues. It looks like you have it pretty much under control but if you're interested it is a good challenge team to join!

    1661 days ago
    Wow- sugar can be evil. Good for you for not going overboard. Congrats on not binging. I am so proud of you.
    1661 days ago
    I have observed the same reaction in myself when I "justify" certain kinds of treats. I have to work harder to stay on track after the fact, or even to "get back on track" if I don't nip it in the bud. Makes a compulsive eater remember, keep it green, but it's scary as anything... and most times? "Not worth it."

    1661 days ago
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