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Kidzcope Good Grief 5K Run/Walk

Monday, September 02, 2013

So today I finally talked myself into going downtown to register "on the day of the race" for the 5K run/walk. Sure, I hadn't trained for it. Sure would have been cheaper if I had pre registered. Sure would have been a million other things "I should do" at home... And likely would be sitting...

My "warm-up" consisted of spending about an hour cutting up tree limbs into smaller segments to fill the dumpster... Probably a stupid idea and resulted in me being too hot and tired for the race (and I think we were dead last - we had the police escorting us to the finish line, so they could take the orange cones out of the road - mustn't interfere with the evening's bar hopping festivities for the tourists in town for the long weekend?). I couldn't understand any of the loudsquawker's commentary there at the end, but evidentally they were goading us to hurry, because they wanted to turn the clock off.

So anyway, I know I was totally undertrained, totally unprepared, all of that, but was always tired of making excuses why I should not even participate. I haven't seen the official results yet (website still has 2012 results up, as of a couple hours ago.). And there are more of these races I'd like to participate in, as time and funds allow. I went knowing I might not do great, but I gave myself permission to participate. I know that in (nearly?? every event, all participants eventually settle out somewhere along the "bell curve" and someone's gotta be last. Today, I think it was a tie with me and my husband, together till the end. (Isn't "together" worth something? Can I get a boy howdy on that!?).

I didn't see any obvious SparkPeople, but then again, I wasn't wearing my SP shirt (mostly because it was still in the 90's F - very warm - and sweaty soggy cotton shirts are not comfortable. I haven't even put on my race shirt yet....).

So anyway one small thrill was discovering that I had gone over 10,000 steps on my FitBit - which is the first time I've done that many in one day, since getting my FitBit last fall. That includes the yard work this morning. I didn't think to check how many steps I was at, before I started the clock on the FitBit - and I didn't remember to turn it off for a few minutes. It said 1:01:xx seconds - don't remember. I attempted to photograph the 10,000 steps on FB but it doesn't show up too clear. Didn't get any photos of us - probably should have, but it wasn't convenient when I thought of it, and then didn't think of it during times when I could have done it. I was going good to even be there, instead of being at home.

Soooo now I am hoping to do a 5K run/walk in Oct and one in Nov.

Oh and my Smart Wool socks... I'm not sure what happened, but my feet felt sooo hot, like I was fixing to have blisters on the bottoms of my feet. Thankful I had brought a pair of sandals (wanna-be Birks) that allowed my feet to cool off after the race, so that seemed to help. Need to figure out better socks....

And I still have my headache. It's moved elsewhere so must be for a different reason then the one I had this morning. I really tried to weasel out of the race this morning on account of my headache. Did it anyway.

Oh well. At least I was lapping everyone at home resting on their couches!!
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