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Sunday, September 01, 2013

Today has just been one of those days. Winning some, losing some. I started waking up at 4 am. Called my mom at 5:30 am {she was up for work}. Woke up when dh came in the door at 8:45. And finally gave up at 10:30. I always try to sleep late on Sundays, so I don't get so bored before time for dh to get up.

I was pretty hungry when I got up, so I had a Boca "chicken" samich with Swiss on low cal bread. Love those damn things. I could probably live on "chicken" samiches. And fortunately it filled me up and kept me full for a while. I starting getting hungry again a few hours later, and decided to have the Amy's Light & Lean Polenta and Swiss Chard frozen meal in the freezer. That thing is amazing, and it's only 140 calories!

Up to this point, I had decided I was not going to walk today. It was hot, and I was lazy. I told myself... meh, I'll start tomorrow. Tomorrow is Monday, fresh starts and all. Then I made the best decision of my day -- to get off my lazy ass and go walk. It was hot again, but not as hot as it was yesterday. And less humid. Unfortunately the sun was blazing, and I hate the sun. But all that aside, I did it. I walked 19 minutes, and wasn't on death's door when I was finished. Probably because this time I got to come straight into my cold apartment and drink some cold water. Yesterday I was hot before I got to the park, got hotter while I was at the park, and even hotter when I got back in the car to come home. Oh, and my water was warm. Basically, yesterday was just not my day.

B!tch and moan, I know. And I really don't mean to be. Cause I have been AWESOME the past two days. Conquering heat was a HUGE victory for me. Normally I will rarely poke my head out the door when it's above 80. Walking in it seemed utterly ridiculous to me. Thankfully I am frequently ridiculous, and did it anyway.

I came back in and cooled off and drank a crap ton of water, and recovered quite quickly. Today was a good example of exercise not sucking so bad. Even in the heat, it wasn't too painful. Getting out there was the hardest part.

After I cooled down, I called my mom. I was trying to get her set up here on SP. I made her page and did everything for her... and then she said she's too busy to use it. Wtf. I told her to download the app on her phone and do that. Who knows if she will. It was a way to pass the afternoon, though, so it's okay.

By the time it was time to wake dh, I was starting to get pretty hungry. He woke up and I asked him if he would go to Subway and get food for us, with the promise that I would cook tomorrow. He said he would, but it took forever and 7 days to get him to actually go. Before he left I was starving, so I ate some lettuce with a little bit of lo cal dressing. By the time he got home, I was so hungry that I was shaking so hard I could barely get the sandwich in my mouth. My blood sugar was low for me, but not dangerous or anything I just waited too long, plain and simple.

You would think the issue would be resolved once I ate my dinner. And you would be wrong. I was still ravenous. God forbid I wait 15 minutes and give the food time to settle. I was freaking out and convinced myself I needed to shove something else in my mouth immediately. That "something else" turned out to be 223593487539 granola bars. One right after the other. It was pure carnage of wrappers on the couch. And of course, I am now stuffed and feel terrible. Part guilt, part having too many granola bars in my belly.

I'm not going to dwell on this, though. I'd be lying if I didn't say I regret it and wish I could undo it. Alas, I cannot, and I accept that. I waited too long, I got too hungry, I made dumb choices. All I can do now is take that lesson and apply it to future situations. The next time I'm started to get that hungry, I will have a small snack before it gets out of control. My thought was that if I could just hold on until dh got home with food, it would all be fine. I now know that was flawed thinking, and nothing good comes from waiting that long.

Tomorrow is weigh in day, and after my little accident with half a box of granola bars, it's highly unlikely I will see much, if any, loss. I mean, I know eating granola bars didn't undo all my work for the week... it's just that they will probably still be sitting heavy on my stomach at weigh in time.

A friend is planning to come over tomorrow afternoon to hang out for a while, and, although she doesn't know it yet, we are going for a walk. She is also trying to lose weight, so it will be good for both of us. And I focus a lot less on waddling around the apartment complex when I have company. If she wasn't on the other side of town, we could do it every day. Alas, she is far and we are both too lazy {and too poor to afford the gas money!} to drive to each other every day. But tomorrow, we shall walk. Start my week off right, I will!

Looking back on my first week, it was pretty good. Obviously finding out my kidneys aren't working right was a HUGE negative, I'm happy to say that, with only a few slip ups, I did the best I could do about what I could change. That's all I can ask of myself.

And now it's time to look ahead to next week, and get ready to kick some ass!

Hope everyone has had a great weekend, and to all celebrating the holiday tomorrow... enjoy it!

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    Although I know that bottled water doesn't have fluoride, etc., I still buy some to keep in the house. I buy the sugar free flavoring powders to put in my waters. In the morning, I will put a couple bottles in the freezer. I then take them out before they get frozen, but they are very cold. I take these on my walks with me. Everything I read says to make sure to stay hydrated while exercising. And when it's so hot outside, it sure does taste good and it keeps me going. When I am going to be gone for a long time, I will let a bottle freeze and then take it and one from the refrigerator. By the time I'm ready for the second bottle, it has melted enough for me to drink it.
    1538 days ago
    Move forward and make tomorrow a better day than day! It takes time to change our eating habits, and even after doing well a very long time (as I did) - I ended up slipping up and gained some weight back. It happens. Just move on and make this week a good one! xx
    1539 days ago
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