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Restart ? hmmm no !!!

Sunday, September 01, 2013

I have never pretended to be an expert in anything, especially not weight loss. I didnt set out to loose weight in the beginning as was a long way off from that. At almost 200 pounds over weight it was not going to be a quick and decisive thing. I wasnt going to be able to drink water or walk a mile a day or cut out chocolate and miraculously loose 200 pounds. When I hit rock bottom I had to do something that was more scary than a diet. And to be honest there was nothing easy about it.

Over the past week I have been seriously depressed, exhausted and ill. Now those things individually will cripple you but all three is just next door to residing with your mother in law ( sorry I know bad tink). And it takes a certain amount of fight for me to deal with them. I have tried to stay as active on Spark as i could. Any way reading blogs and post helps you pass the time when you just dont want to move.

I lost a pound this week and A friend of mine said to me I dont know how you do it I would have to restart again. I said restart what? she said my diet ... ahhh there is the difference.

I dont diet. I dont restart actually I refuse to restart. I will tell you the same thing I told her. I never did this as a diet. I dont live on a diet. I refuse to diet again. Diets are temporary and they dont last. I changed my life. I changed my mind set. I changed my behaviors. Change is permenant and that is how I live. In my literal mind if every time I had a bad day I had to restart I wouldnt get any where. To restart implies there is a beginning and a finish. And in my reality I will always have to worry with calories i will always have to weigh I will always have to be mindful of what i am doing and for what reasons. There is no finish line this is life. Now granted when I get the weight off I might not have to do all the extras that i have to do now. I might can do weights 3 days a week and cardio 5 days a week who knows I might actually have a real hamburger and french fries again without having to plan it into the calories. But it will always be a concern. I didnt make little changes here and there I changed period.

The process of loosing 200 pounds is long and it is exhausting and it is ever changing but it has its rewards. The only way you can reap the rewards of what you are doing right now is to change who you were then. Live the process and decide to stop restarting decide to just keep going. If you are constantly restarting then what have you really changed? Life is hard, at times it is ugly sometimes it is great to be successful you have to be able to live the change every day without regret.
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  • ABAKER34
    You are so right on with everything you just said. Noone can stick to a diet forever. If we diet as soon as we come off of it we are just going to gain whatever weight we did manage to lose right back, hence yo-yo dieting. I'm tired of being stuck in the rut and am taking back my life. Great blog!
    1603 days ago
    Amen....I don't know what else to say! Amen, amen, amen.

    1604 days ago
  • JOURNEY1986
    It's such a hard concept to grasp sometimes - it's something I have to tell myself over and over. "You are not on a diet - you are eating healthy because it's what your body needs to survive." I think having that "I'm on a diet" mentality for so long is what made me feel like any time I ate something "not on my diet" I would eat and eat and eat and eat it as if it were my last time ever eating it, as opposed to eating a small portion and knowing I can work it into my food choices again the next time I want it.

    I'm sorry you're under so much stress right now still dealing with being sick, not being able to be as active as you would like, and the depression.
    1604 days ago
    I really enjoyed reading your blog. This journey we are on is not a diet, it's our lifestyle.
    1605 days ago
  • POPSY190
    We have a Restart shopping mall in central Christchurch and it is great (creative use of shipping containers to make shops, cafes etc
    istchurch-central-restart.php ). But it was made necessary by a major earthquake and took a tremendous effort to establish. It's not something even a City can do every few months because of the cost psychologically and financially. So I don't know why serial dieters think they can begin over and over again. Lifestyle change is the only sustainable way - and that is difficult enough to sustain without adding the constant need to restart!
    1605 days ago
    What you said makes a lot of sense. Hope your sinus infection is clearing up and your mood is improving. When I skip a few days of exercise, the ship starts to sink.
    1605 days ago
    exactly. I had the lifestyle thing reinforced today. I was talking to a neighbor as she was walking her dogs. I had not seen her in a while. Last summer she was very thing and fit looking, now she is much heavier. I was telling her all about joining spark people, eating sensibly, joining the YMCA, doing PT.. changing my life. I was thrilled that I had lost 7 pounds in 3 weeks.

    She poo poo-ed my strategy and talked about she was going to go back to the doctor again and get shots and drop the weight she had piled back on. It was the same program she had followed before, shots and a 750 calorie a day diet. But evidently it didnt work, because she gained it all right back, even if she did drop the weight fast.. its i not sustainable, and she went right back to her old way of eating after feeling denied.

    nope, I will be happy with my slow and steady and healthy way of doing it.I have changed my way of living and my relationship with food and with myself and my body. This is forever and it is sustainable.
    1605 days ago
  • TERESA159
    Woohoo girl, you are so right. And smart. I am back and just because I wasn't on Spark doesn't mean I just ate anything or sat on my butt. I did enjoy a bit of food outside my usual range and there were days where exercising just had to take a back seat (like when I visited museums or we went for a drive) but I still ate well most of the time and I still exercised as often as I could. So, no restart for me either, I just need some more structure to what I've been doing. So will track both food and calories burned again because I know that works for me.

    You just keep going.... I like that.
    1605 days ago
    OMG!you just spoke to me . . . i needed to hear this now,thanks for sharing!
    1605 days ago
    AMEN - Every word you said could have been written by ME - ironically this is the day that I posted that I am halfway to getting rid of my 200 excess pounds. I have now lost 100 pounds and am NOT dieting, I am NOT obsessing over the weight (unless you are talking about when I started to see the 100 pound mark get closer and closer - THEN I did begin to COUNT seriously and obsess a bit about finally getting there - and got here almost a month ahead of schedule). I have taken about 16 months to get rid of this first 100 pounds and figure it will take about as long to get rid of the NEXT 50 and about twice as long to ditch the FINAL 50. It really doesn't matter though because the rewards in terms of my health, pain, and energy levels KEEP COMING and increasing all the time. YOU CAN DO IT AND YOUR ATTITUDE WILL MAKE IT POSSIBLE.
    1605 days ago
  • MJRVIC2000
    Don't restart! But rather start a new and different approach that will help you get on with your life. God Bless YOU! Vic.
    1605 days ago
    Yeah! Keep up the good attitude. We're here to stay!
    1605 days ago
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