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Chewing Gum

Sunday, September 01, 2013

I chew gum... quite a lot.

I chew this gum, in spite of my mom's constant message in my childhood: "Don't chew gum; you'll look like a cow chewing on its cud." That image constantly runs in the back of my mind any time I'm chewing gum.

As a result, I don't chew gum in public very often.

I have found that modern brands of gum can add freshness to my mouth during the day -
--right after a meal, or
--whenever I have a lingering feeling of staleness in my mouth.

I realize also that I enjoy the act of chewing.

I especially will get into gum chewing when I am alone -- either at home or in the car.
(Being alone limits my feelings of guilt about the cow image.)

When I asked my dentist - he said he had no problem with my chewing gum.

When I looked online, I found that Web MD made the following claim:
"Chewing gum can be good for you. Not only can it freshen your breath, it can help you overcome cigarette cravings, improve your memory -- and even help you lose weight."
They even cited some studies to support their claims.

Web MD did offer one warning, though, not to overdo it. Apparently many of the sugar free gums contain sorbitol, which when consumed in larger amounts (15 to 20 sticks daily) can lead to chronic diarrhea.

Web Md advised us to consider gum chewing as another tool in our weight loss kit -- and that is just what I am doing.


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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    My mom's message was the same as your mom's, and growing up we were allowed only an occasional piece of Dentyne -- at home, never in public. Secretly, my brother would trade his friends just about anything he had for a piece of Juicy Fruit gum!

    I must admit that I'm still distracted when I see people smacking and smacking their gum in public. My daughter has threatened my granddaughter if she ever sees her chewing gum on the field while she's cheerleading!

    BUT, that being said, if I didn't have TMJ disorder I'd surely be trying gum again to improve my memory and curb my appetite.

    Go for it!
    1539 days ago
    I am a gum chewer from way back. I think it is fine and has positive effects, but do control it because of the social consequences of looking like a cow and cracking it (love to do that). My only real negatives-
    Too enthusiastically will make your mouth sore!
    Gum chewing for 55 years eventually causes more wrinkles around your mouth!
    1541 days ago
    Thanks for the tip. I always look for sugar free gum which is hard to find, but maybe I should just chew regular gum. I can't chew it very long, but it does help food cravings.
    1542 days ago
  • ULTREYA3211
    I chew gum too, mostly when I drive. Thanks for the info that it does not hurt when chewed in moderation and that it can help me lose. So far it has not but I am just getting back on track so there is hope.
    1542 days ago
    1543 days ago
  • KANOE10
    Enjoy your gum! emoticon
    1543 days ago
  • JEANNE229
    Me too....moooooo
    1544 days ago
    I chew a piece of the Dentyne Fire when I go out to walk in the mornings - the flavor lasts the hour I walk usually. Otherwise I don't chew gum very often - sometimes if i'm going out, I'll chew a piece for awhile, but not always. I ONLY like the Dentyne Fire though, don't care for the minty ones or any of the foodie tasting ones.

    1544 days ago
    I'm glad you enjoy your gum!!
    1544 days ago
    A poem from a more innocent era:

    The gum-chewing student and the cud-chewing cow
    Are somewhat alike, yet different somehow.
    The difference is subtle; I think I know now!
    It's the intelligent look on the face of the cow.

    Wouldn't it be great if the biggest problem teachers had was still kids chewing gum in class?
    1544 days ago
    I love gum too, for all the reasons you cite: particularly Dentyne, that cinnamon fire type.

    There's a line of sugar free gums marketed as dessert alternatives -- strawberry short cake, apple pie etc. --- get a particular kick out of those!!
    1544 days ago
    I seldom chew gum. Maybe I should give it a try. I don't mind others chewing as long as they don't "crack" their gum. That noise drives me crazy.
    1544 days ago
    Never been into chewing gum
    1544 days ago
    LOL. I have tried it but it makes my jaws sore. Once the gum is dry and the flavor is gone I am ready to pitch it.
    1544 days ago
    Great! I like WebMD and their approach to this! Do you chew sugar free gum?
    1544 days ago
    That's great information. Thanks. I love to chew gum also.
    1544 days ago
    Whatever we can do to reinforce our drive to have a healthier lifestyle. emoticon
    1544 days ago
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