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Sunday, September 01, 2013

I don't blog very often. I put most of my best thoughts into comments on OTHER peoples' blogs, I guess. I tend to use my blog space more as a record of where I'm at and where I'm going next.

So. September. My favorite month of the year. The weather is usually gorgeous, the kids are back in school, but the squeeze of homework and projects hasn't crushed us yet. My job has (usually) not yet exploded into the relentless damage control it will become in another 6 weeks. (This year might be different, but we shall see.) The leaves are still green, the crickets and tree frogs are drowning out the noise of the freight trains down by the river, and the humidity is jusssssst right!

We all seem to treat this time of the year as a mini-New Years. All those years of September "first-days-of-school" seem to give us all that mindset. So I'm ready to re-evaluate my goals and come up with some fresh plans for the next few months.

I like FlyLady's approach. She likes to "Cruise Through The Holidays" by getting a start on doing some things NOW that would make us bat-guano crazy come November if they're not taken care of. Like washing those stupid dining room and kitchen curtains. Like clearing that space in the downstairs closet so there's room to hang guests' coats. Like fixing that leaky faucet in the powder room that your mother-in-law always comments on. "Do you realize how much all that wasted water costs?? In MY day we would have blah blah blah..."

So what am I up to? Well, I keep working on the same two challenges, and am making progress, though I still don't have them down as well as they need to be. In other words, i still have to think about doing them; they're not routine; they're not something that I feel funny if I DON'T do. They are:

~ Eat at least three freggies (any size portion) every single day.

~ Get at least 6 hours of sleep every night.

I'm getting there. I've made a conscious effort to prepare veggies on the weekend so I'll have things to take to work. And it's really helped me to keep some groceries in the fridge at work. There is always at least some green or colored pepper and hummus in there for me to munch on, and sometimes celery sticks or cucumber rings. So, steady as she goes for September. Just have to keep pounding this habit in there.

I'm still not getting ENOUGH sleep overall, but I've done a bit better than in previous attempts. I'm keeping to a pretty strict rule of "no caffeine after breakfast time" and that has really helped. I am still sticking to the very modest goal of 6 hours a night, because that means I can still stay up until 11:45. I will probably roll this time back by 15 minutes every couple of months. My final goal is only 7 hours of sleep a night (which is about what I seem to actually NEED), so by this time next year I think I'll have that down. (The final push will probably see me adjust my morning wake up time to 6:00, so that I don't have to go to bed BEFORE 11:00. Going to bed sooner than that makes me feel like a second grader...)

I've decided to take a break from tracking for a month or so and see how things go. The last time I didn't track was late last fall, when all hell broke loose at work. That time is right around the corner again. I may as well experiment now and see if I can stay on the rails without tracking while the stress is relatively low. If I can then I should weather our Peak season pretty well.

Other than that I'd like to continue adding little things to my fitness goals, possibly carving out some time in the evenings at home. Those same crazy work days will make it almost impossible to maintain my current workout-at-work regimen.

OK then! I followed my own advice from the September Challenge thread and updated my status and my goals/trackers, so I'm good to go! Let's go!!!!!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I like FlyLady, it's been awhile since I've read her, though! Good luck with the sleep thing. I suffer from insomnia, so six hours seems like a dream! :P
    1608 days ago
    sounds like a good plan! keep blogging!
    bizi emoticon
    1619 days ago
    FlyLady is really great. Sounds like you have a good handle on things!
    1621 days ago
    I love how you approach things. I also love Sept for many of the same reasons you do. The smell of crayons and school supplies just motivates me to do all sorts of organizing and behaving! I hope you continue to have success towards your goals. You just have such a Clear vision of where you are headed! I love that about you!
    1624 days ago
    I too am lacking in the sleep department. I absolutely love staying up after everyone else has gone to bed and I keep finding more things to do to make me stay up longer. Like reading this blog and writing this post. Tee-hee. Well, another goal to work on. Ok, off to bed now. Night-night.
    1630 days ago
    Have you tried turning off most of the lights when it gets dark and then wearing blue blocker glasses? You might be getting too much exposure to blue light and not telling the brain that it is time to shut down. I have been trying to do this and it has been working. Last night I barely made it to 9 pm and for me, that is not normal but I hope it does become my normal. Sleep is SO important and I know what it is like to not get enough. I am still waking up a bit too soon.

    Good luck
    1630 days ago
  • JOURNEY1986
    Looks like some good goals!

    I need to start setting some for myself as well - in addition to the staying active. Sleep is an issue for me as well that I need to work on - I tend to be a night owl.

    Thanks for all the comments you leave on my blogs! I super appreciate them!!
    1631 days ago
    Yeppo, sounds like a plan, a structure, and armature and I liked that you allowed yourself to explore NOT tracking. See what external structure has been internalized. You seem to always be in what I call 'the 2nd attention' - and to me, that's a good place to live from. emoticon
    1632 days ago
    Sounds like a good bunch of plans...I love the beginning of fall too, especially since we've moved up north
    1632 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1632 days ago
    You and I feel the same way about bedtime!
    1632 days ago
    1632 days ago
    You DO write the best comments and that is the dern truth! You comment about cheating on my last blog blew me away... YES, I wanted to scream.. THAT's what I was trying in my lame way to say LOL.. you so rock Woubbie (do you pronounce that WOO-B? that's how I pronounce it in my head)...

    You've managed to get me looking forward to September even on this 100 degree day... love your plan!

    1632 days ago
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