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Sunday, September 01, 2013

About three weeks ago my weight was consistently under 155, and I saw 153.9 one day, and I hoped maybe I could make it to 60 lbs. down from 212, my highest non-pregnancy weight. But as I cataloged in the entry "You never really know" my weight went in the other direction for a while there, even above 158. I was working out harder and with school starting my sleep was disrupted and it was stressful, even though it was happy stress. But yesterday I weighted in just over 153, and today I'm in the lower half of 152. So I'm going to call that 60 lbs!

I didn't do anything too crazy to hit this target. I kept up my strength training and cardio even while I suspected the muscle mass might be making me technically heavier. But I knew my body composition was moving in the right direction.

I mean, it's the paradox of weight and health. If you put weight loss first, your health will likely suffer. Though I used to think I was health focused back when I was overweight. If you're too heavy to workout and eat yourself into a stupor every night, that's not health either. I also thought I was health focused when I agreed that weight loss is "90% diet".

Something I've learned in Nutrition class (though I've probably read it in articles here on Spark) is that moderation doesn't mean having a little of everything. It means portion awareness. Having a little of everything encompasses balance, or whether you eat from every food group in the course of each day. And then variety is whether to have different items within the food groups (as opposed to eating greek yogurt and granola bars a lot of the time... I've had those weeks.)

Still, it's nice to say I've lost 60 pounds. It's a nice round number.
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