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Step 8, plan for success.

Sunday, September 01, 2013

You say you don't have time to create healthy meals for yourself? It's too hard to eat healthy or it's too difficult to cook?

Even if you burn Kool-Aid, you can manage to create some healthy meals for your week.

I've had 2 different friends prepare their week out and tell me on Facebook just this week. One created toss in the slow cooker meals for the week and the other chopped and prepared meals in Tupperware for easy to grab meals.

When you plan out your week, you're more likely to succeed.

Create your own microwave meals by either saving leftovers or cooking batch meals for the week and freezing them. Plan out your dinners for the week. If you really need, write down what you're having for the week like a restaurant writes their specials on the board.

Plan your lunches and prepare them at least the night before so you can run out the door in the morning and not have to worry about what you're going to eat.

Have easy to grab breakfasts for those on the run mornings. Hard boiled eggs are great for on the run. Make cereal bars so you don't have to worry about a bowl of milk. Breakfast burritos are easy to reheat in the morning. I have a yogurt parfait every morning, even on the days I'm in a hurry, frozen fruit and yogurt is easy to assemble.

Do a weekly grocery trip (if you are able) and plan your meals around the sales items.

Avoid the candy isles (or at least don't turn to that side of the isle, my nuts are in the candy isle at my Target). Do not put into your cart things that aren't helpful for your body. Most of the battle is won at the grocery store.

No the kids do not need it. The "fruit snacks", the cookies, the rice crispy treats, if they're not good for you, then why would you want to poison a growing child's body? Kids are fairly versatile, they love fruits as much as they love candy. They are more willing to try things than adults, and they especially like to try things the adults are having. So get rid of that excuse, you know you're more willing to eat the snack cakes you bought "for the kids" than they are.

Have a roommate or a spouse who isn't willing to give up their snacks? Ask them kindly (or yell at them like I did when I was having a crabby "why the H*** did you bring that in front of me!" kind of day) if they can keep their snacks in their car/office/room that you don't normally go into. I'd bet that they will be more willing to have them if they just don't stick them in your face (although not always... see food pushers in a later blog).

Plan out your treats. You shouldn't deny yourself things all the time, but be prepared when you do treat yourself. It's more of a treat if you're not having it all the time and you will be more likely to savor it when you're treating yourself. Plan on the calorie differential in your day for those treats. You'd be surprised that those treats will taste different than they did when you were eating them all the time. Your tastes will change and you'll start to enjoy different kids of tastes as you go along.

Plan on something happening and throwing you off. If you know how you can handle chaos, you will be able to get through it better. If you already have those prepared meals in your freezer, you're more likely to get through it too. Plan on saying no to those who go out to eat every day. It's nice to have a conversation, but it's also nice to have a properly prepared meal every day that you know which ingredients are in it.

Plan on eating out occasionally. Read the nutritional menus so you know what you can have at that restaurant before you go there. Know how to order to reduce the calorie-laden items. Be fine with ordering special so that you can have less sodium and condiments on top of your food. Order dressing on the side so that you can put the right amount on your fork.

Plan on leading the healthy way in your life. No one else is willing to change you because you are the only one who can change you. You may end up with followers for a while, but only you can lead your own life.

When you know what your month will be like with your food, you're more likely to succeed with it.

Today's Holidays: Calendar Adjustment Day, Emma M. Nutt Day, National No Rhyme No Reason Day, X-Men Day and National Cherry Popover Day.
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