Lowest weight in years..Ready for September

Saturday, August 31, 2013

I started my morning with tears of joy when I stepped on the scales and saw the lowest number I have seen in YEARS!!! I am so thankful and all the more determined to see that goal of one-der-land by Christmas morning... God is faithful if granting encouragement and assurance just when we are feeling discouraged.

So tomorrow starts September and a new month of goals, challenges and victories...any new plans? Thinking my life is too full to add more tracking activities for right now but will continue these things:
1. Dayplanner Daily record of rest, liquid intake, number of fruits and veggies and AAfoods per the Eat to defeat cancer and fat cells diet.
2. Making sure I am outside and active DAILY.
3. Remaining gluten free for celiac
4. Accountable to certain teams for these items
5. Review principles and encouragements of the DASH diet for blood pressure control since my pressure snuck up into the warning and danger zone in August and not sure what is going on there.

I am thankful for Sparks that has been encouragement to be accountable DAILY, for teams specific to my needs and ministries and for the precious friends here. Thanks for your love, care, prayers and rejoicing with me.

I still collect and enjoy art works per computer
is one in my "grace" folder, This one by Jessie Wilcox Smith and has precious children praying and my treasured Blue willow dishes on the railing.
Most of you know I love Christmas all year long and am enjoying a collection of paintings with nativities in them . This one by Paula Vaughan seemed to represent them the best with Jesus pictured sharing the nativity set with children.

God bless you every-one. Have a blessed month of September.
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