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Today I Weigh 2........No....Wait a Minute! (Part 2)

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Original Entry Posted July 24,2010

08.03: (203.0@22)
08.10: (200.8@22)
08.17: (200.0@21) Sooooo close. Thought I had it
08.24: (202.4@21) Ate out a lot

**THIS WEEK (DRUM ROLL...........)
08.31: (198.4@22)!!!!

-4.0 pounds!

And once again........
- We did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Good bye 200's (more like "good riddance)". Hello 190's!
- Many thanks to all of my Spark Friend who have supported me

After eating out every day last week, I knew that the gain was mostly water weight. The day after the weigh-in, I did an informal re-weigh and was just a few ounces over 200.

Last time I went below 200 the weight loss was a struggle, bordering on being a burden. I made tons of small changes but hadn't addressed the most major one which was really keeping the losses slow and uncertain.

Though I was extremely proud of the accomplishment, I always knew and kind of feared that it was going to be temporary and if not, it was always going to be a struggle/burden.

This fear was realized last year when I had a major stressful situation and the pounds started packing back on again. I was less than 5 pounds from my original starting weigh again.

This time it was healthier. I figured out how to overcome the main issue. I'm eating foods that slow down the cravings for sugar and empty carbs. I'm not depriving myself of foods I like, I simply don't enjoy them as much and eat them when I feel like doing so.

I'm not a sugar addict who eats 1000+ calories of candy every day anymore. I'm not a "recovering" sugar addict who has to abstain from eating any sugar, lest I revert back. I'm basically a recovered sugar addict who just eats a few ounces of chocolate each day and enjoys it along with other healthy foods.

It's no longer a religious battle. I don't have "good" days or "bad" days. I don't fall off of and need to get back on any wagons. I have days and weekends where I eat more then usual. I have days/weeks where I eat out more than others. That's not something I feel bad about anymore.....That's just normal living.

I no longer worry about my weight going back up like last time. It probably won't happen. I will probably continue to lose weight. Even if I start gaining, I have the tools/weapons to stop it.


Last time, I was really Victorious!!!

This time, I'm living in FREEDOM!!!

Again, thanks to all of you who have been there for me.

3.4 pounds until the final weight goal.

195, here I come!!

- TD Out!

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