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Saturday, August 31, 2013

What miracles can happen when you force people to do their job correctly(or at all)!

When I arrived in E.R admitting, told them my mom's name, the same woman who kept leaving me on hold or disconnecting me, looked at a nurse who was standing there doing nothing.
Probably thinking she was going to impress her or intimidate me(who cares?) She stated, "Oh yes, you hung up on me twice."
I replied in voice loud enough for the people waiting for care in this lobby to hear, "No, I am the person whom you left on hold, never to return, THEN I hung up. Leaving a person on hold for longer than one minute has always been proper procedure everywhere. As far as the second time, I requested you connect me with the nurses desk, you connected me to an empty room so the phone rang and clicked off itself, unless you disconnected me."
Without looking at the other two, she merely stated quietly, "You mom is in room 10."
For cripes sake she did not discover Quantum Theory, she answers the phone in the E.R. lobby... why do people give themselves so much importance in their own minds?
Again, The Peter Principle.

I have tagged enough toes when I worked there to learn that we are all going to end up with our dentures taped to our chests at the end waiting for the undertaker,, why think we are above others?

great nurse in E.R., assigned to mom, who informed me that mom had injured him and three other staff members, one of the paramedics so badly, they had to treat HIM for the gouging she gave him, tetanus shots,stitches,etc!! He thought I was going to be surprised, I just told him it is her usual self...

she finally got in a room on the same floor I worked on years ago.. staff is nice, had to fax them her med list since her place sent nothing with her again...DUH!

I got home, went to bed and slept better than I have since vacation..

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