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My Success Plan for September

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Friday, August 30, 2013

I am ready to make my success plan for September, but first I need to look back at the past few months and acknowledge the things I could have done better leading up to now. Normally I would say "never look back, because you're not going that way." But if you can look back and LEARN from it, then it's a good thing, right?

So looking back, I have to admit that it has been a long time since I had my eating under control. That is the part of this healthy lifestyle that I struggle with the most. I have developed a love for exercise, and I do some sort of workout every single day. But I need to control my fork a little better! I did the 30 Day Shred in July, and I'm proud of myself for that. I built up my strength and stamina, and I'm pleased with that result. But I negated any possible weight loss simply by eating too much. Usually not a LOT too much, but just enough to keep myself in maintenance mode, and that's not where I want to be right now.

When August started, I had big plans to get myself on track...and the month started out pretty good. But after the first week, things went wrong. I started having migraines. I got a backache that wouldn't let up. I just sort of ached all over, really. So I stopped exercising, and I stopped even trying to watch what I ate. The middle of August was basically a free for all! I ate whatever I wanted, as much as I wanted. I sat around most of the time with a heating pad or ice pack. When the backache finally went away, I still sat around. I kept saying to myself "I'll start working out again tomorrow." Tomorrow would come, and I'd say it again.

Even though I don't weigh myself, I could tell that I'd gained weight. I estimate at least 10 lbs, based on how my clothes feel. To have lost 71 lbs only to gain back 10 lbs so quickly...that was scary! And depressing. I never thought of giving up, but I was having a really rough time getting started again.

What worked for me was to blog about it. Just publicly admitting that I was off track and gaining weight really seemed to help. I wasn't being hard on myself or beating myself up over it. I was just making myself accountable, and that was the first step towards getting back on track. Today is day EIGHT of my re-start, and so far so good! It wasn't easy to start over again, to be honest. The extra 10 lbs or so that I've put on, combined with almost 3 weeks of inactivity, really made a difference when I started to workout again! I discovered I'd lost some of my strength and endurance, and that made me sad. It also made me determined to get them back!

So for the past 8 days, I have been working out again, and I have also finally gotten my eating on track. I have been staying within my calorie range, and I have not had any junk food. As the days go by, I crave it less and less. This morning I woke up craving a nectarine! I'm going to end August much better than I started it, and I'm going to try to keep doing my best in September.

So for September, I will try to continue eating as healthy as possible, and to stay within my calorie range. My September workouts are these;



And of course, I'll be continuing my DDP Yoga!

I hope you have a great September success plan set up too! If you've gotten off track and taken some steps backwards the way I did, turn around! Don't keep going the wrong way. It's never too late to make a fresh start. Remember, you are always worth your BEST effort!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • JERICHO1991
    Eating healthy food definitely feels better long term than the after effects of eating junk food.
    1635 days ago
    I was off track much longer than you and gained back everything, plus! It's horrible how easily it comes back on . I'm on my way in the last week or so to getting my eating back on track and my exercise program is getting back on track too. I think I'll join you! My big challenge for myself is to track everything for September. It really helps, and I always blow it off. I think if I track, I'll stay on track. Great post Pixie, you're always an inspiration! emoticon
    1635 days ago

    I'm delighted to see that you're on track again. You know that God has everything in divine order, and you're taking those steps back and blogging about it, has encouraged me, and I know that if it happens to me, all I have to do is turn around and go in the opposite direction.

    Your post of "You did not come this far, to walk away without the victory" reminds me of a chorus of a song, which goes like this.

    He wouldn't have brought me this far, just to leave me
    He wouldn't have made a way, if he didn't care
    He wouldn't have given his life, if he didn't love me
    He wouldn't lift me up, to let me down

    He won't let me down
    He won't let me down
    He wouldn't lift me up, to let me down

    Be blessed,

    - Nancy Jean -
    1635 days ago
    This journey is so hard. One step forward, two steps back sometimes. I know you can do this. You are so determined. Hang in there!! emoticon
    1635 days ago
    Pixie, Just take things one day at a time. Don't worry about what you did yesterday or what you are going to do tomorrow, just think about what you can do today. It is nice to think ahead and make a 30 day plan, I always do, but you are going to blow this clear out of the water! emoticon
    1635 days ago
    Pixie, you have a great plan!!! You can do it!!!
    1635 days ago
    A good plan!! You can do anything you put your mind too!!
    1635 days ago
    You are an inspiration to all of us. Thanks for reminding us accept the set backs and then move forward. I too haven't done well this month. Slacking in all departments, tracking, exercising and calorie count. It is hard to get going again after (my) back issues.
    1635 days ago
    emoticon on your 8 days of recomittment strategy! And you didn't even wait till "Monday" or "the 1st of the month" to start. You're over a week ahead for September!! emoticon emoticon
    1635 days ago
    This is an example of why so many of us are inspired by you! Thank you.

    I've been working on my September plan too.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1635 days ago
    I've never laid out a complete action plan, after reading your post i think I really should!
    Have a great September Pixie! emoticon
    1635 days ago
    Thanks for reminding me to get on my Sept Action Plan. I have so much going on this coming month that if you had not reminded me, I would be on the "regret" end of the spectrum come Oct.
    Keep up the good work. Remember, you are always evolving & learning, you did both in Aug
    emoticon The turtle wins the race, keep plugging along
    1635 days ago
    Good job Pixie!! I have been thinking about you and wondering how you were doing. The last couple of weeks of my life have been kind of upside-down. Exercise has been hard to complete but your blog has encouraged me to come up with a plan for September!

    Thanks! You inspire me!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1635 days ago
    But you didn't give up and that make you a success!
    1635 days ago
  • GINA197538
    Awesome blog post Pixie! Very encouraging!
    1635 days ago
    Hi Pixie,
    Great job on your blog! You know that I have been struggling with the same thing. FOOD!

    I like the idea of setting a plan for September. I'm going to do the same for myself.

    Have a healthy weekend my friend.

    1635 days ago
    You go, Pixie!!!
    (Not as a downer, but as a fact - a bunch of years into maintenance I still struggle with food from time to time. Always need to be aware. And yes, exercise is easy!)
    1635 days ago
    Thanks for sharing, Pixie!! I'm glad you are enjoying your yoga - that is my favorite!! I also do much better with the exercise part then the food part. 1 day at a time - let's make today great!!!
    1635 days ago
    Great sayings and I do believe when you look back it should only be to remember what you have learned does not work for you! I have to keep reminding myself not to fall into that 4pm just one glass of wine that leads to one more and then binging with all the food I can possibly manage to eat till I go to bed!
    1635 days ago
    Looking back is fine if you can do it without the negative accompanying emotion and learn from it.

    What works for me is having nuts, fruit, seeds and healthy snaks in plain view, on the work surface, etc, and having unhealthy snacks well hidden away; for me, out of sight is out of mind!

    All the best.


    emoticon here's a nice bit of raw fish to tempt you hehe
    1635 days ago
    Really good sayings - I'm right there with you! See you on 9/30!
    1635 days ago
  • QUAIL75
    Great blog and great plan! emoticon emoticon
    1635 days ago
    Yes, I too have been in "maintenance mode" at a higher weight than I want to be! Great way to put it. Now it's time to buckle down and see what we can accomplish. The end of the year is nearing, and I wanted 2013 to be the year I finally got this monkey off my back.
    1635 days ago
    emoticon Blog! emoticon when we just emoticon

    have a great holiday weekend and remember hard word is what labor Day is all about emoticon
    1635 days ago
    Wondeful! I hope you have a great weekend.
    1635 days ago
  • JUNEBUG4967
    I need to be right there with you on this. And avain my downfall is sticking to my eating plan. Septe.ber here we come !
    1635 days ago
    have a wonderful weekend!
    1635 days ago
    Hi Pixie! Thanks for sharing. We live in a parallel universe and I suspect we are not alone! lol
    I'm committed to getting back on track too. I didn't have a big gain, I just feel bloated and heavy and not as energetic as before.
    Have a great day! I'm proud of you. emoticon
    1635 days ago
    I love the fact that you looked back to learn what you need to do differently. Congratulations on doing that, and have a great Seotember. I don't know whether you read my blogs, but i've been doing a lot of re-evaluating this month too, and have a plan in place for September. I will hold myself accountable to that plan.
    Gail emoticon
    1635 days ago
    Don't look back just take each day, this one day given by your higher power, to do what you need to do. It is daunting to try more than that one day. So take the gift of it and don't look to the future for even as the Lilies of the field do not sew or reap but they have everything they need and are glorious in apperance. Take to yourself only this day and use it wisely. emoticon
    1635 days ago
    Good for you for getting back on track with your eating. I know how quick the weight can come back on when I backslide, and how quickly the results and endurance I get from working out can disappear when I don't keep it up. You are strong and smart to put a stop to it before it gets totally out of control. Let me know how you like the Chris Powell workout! I know you can do this, Pixie, and I'm cheering you on!
    emoticon emoticon
    1635 days ago
  • GLORYB83
    When you get quiet Pixie, there is always something going on with you. I'm glad you've turned things around and have a great plan for September.
    We can fall on our faces sometimes but like you, we need to shove ourselves back up there again!
    I'm pulling for you my spark daughter, I always am proud of you, always have faith in you. It's a struggle but you're getting there!
    emoticon emoticon
    1635 days ago
    Pixie, I thought about you when I did not see regular blogs from you. I have noticed when you don't blog, you are usually struggling.
    I understand the eating part. Boy, do I!!! I am trying to stay away from all wheat products from August 25 (when I made the decision) through September to see if this will help me. I do not crave sweets nearly as much when I stay away from all bread products. I am reading a book called "Wheat Belly". It describes me to a "T".
    I am seeing my oncologist today for my 4 month check up. I am going to ask her about testing me for wheat allergies. It runs in my family.
    I have Great faith in you. I so appreciate your blogs. They inspire me to continue my own journey along with you! Enjoy your day and I am glad you are blogging again. emoticon emoticon
    1635 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/30/2013 10:24:00 AM
    Your first 2 paragraphs are sooo me!!!
    Since joing SP a month ago - I've done sooo well with fitness/activity,
    I'm even impressing myself ;-) LOL
    HOWEVER, the eating part - not so well...
    night time is killing me!!
    I'm always about 300-500 calories over every day!!
    I want to change that so bad!
    Your blog really inspires me to do so!
    Thank You!
    1635 days ago
    You've made me think about my own monthly goals - mainly that should set some!
    1635 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1635 days ago
  • KITT52
    I agree with you Pixie, I too have the exercise in my daily routine..it's still food I struggle with

    I saw a post that said the 1 hour of exercise a day is easy it's the other 23 hours that is the hard part, and it showed a plate of food....any way that really hit me...I now am going to keep my focus on food....I don't eat junk food, but I have been over eating on healthy food...and over eating leads to weight gain even if it's healthy food...

    one more thing I wanted to add Pixie the less you weight the less you can eat, that's the frustrating part, you work so hard to get the pounds off only to have to eat even less and exercise even more....but what choice do we have....

    have a healthy week end....HUGS
    1635 days ago
    you rock!! thats a great plan!!
    1635 days ago
  • GINA180847
    So glad you feel like things are under control again. I hate feeling out of control and I finally think things are coming together.
    1635 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    an excellent blog post:)
    ps- how many calories do you eat in a day, if I may ask?
    1635 days ago
    In 30 days, we're going to be blown away!! emoticon
    1635 days ago
    Awesome blog post!! You came out of where I am currently stuck. It's time for me to get back to treating myself right. One day at a time. Thank you for posting.
    1635 days ago
  • CHERYLA2012
    You know in your heart of hearts when you're doing your best. Here's to you knowing that you ARE doing your best!
    1635 days ago
    You can do it....you know how to do it, and you have a workable plan!!
    1635 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon

    I LOVE DDP! Definitely don't stop now!


    You can do this!
    1635 days ago
    1635 days ago
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