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Oh NO! I can't do this! Not again!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Well today was grocery day and I have been craving frozen yogurt so bad that I was almost panting when I bought the moose tracks frozen yogurt. I told myself I would just eat half a cup a day. Well I filled my bowl with 2 cups telling myself it would be my lunch and that wouldn't be so bad. So I sat down and started doing the lock and load eating and by the time I got to the fifth bite, I was full and not only that I didn't even think it was worth all that time that I spent craving it. I didn't eat any more and I didn't even want to look at it. My stomach is on the verge of getting sick. I don't know if it is because I went a couple of months without it or because my taste for overly sweet things is changing but it did almost make me sick and now I know it will be safe sitting in the freezer because I do not want to even smell it again.
I don't know if the beck behavioral plan is working or if I just woke up and realized that it is not worth eating all those calories. Aha...I am worth it! I can do this. It just takes focus on the food...not at all worth my health. It takes a little exploring what makes this food so delicious that I would die for it? Nothing...nada....not worth the trouble or the money. I am so proud of me I could burst. I did waste what was in my bowl. I put it down the garbage disposal and gave it a silent long old buddy but you have tempted me one time too many.
I am free to be me. No more frozen yogurt calling my name and have me needing it. I don't need you anymore old friend....actually you never were my friend. You led me down a path of depression and unhealthiness. sayonara.

I am so happy I am dancing the Irish jig.

I am pumped.

Come on and have an aha moment...focus on your life....kick yourself in the pants , but keep it going and really think before you eat. Get up and dance and move and enjoy yourself now, you don't know how many days there will be. You need to get your life under control and your body in shape before it is run down and gives up on you!
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