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Exercise - Trying New Things!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I never would have discovered my love for running had I not finally told myself I needed to just try it. I would never have discovered that bike riding - actual bike on pavement moving forward alongside cars - sends me into a panic attack unless I had signed up for a charity bike ride. And I wouldn't have had such a great time in Spin Class last night if I had declined the invitation from a friend, like I would have just a year ago.

Part of why I declined a year ago was that I was in no shape to be pushing myself that hard. At 268 pounds, riding the stationary bike in the way I did last night would have had me in a puddle of sweat, stuck on the ground. Not a pretty picture.

The other part of why I declined is that good old-fashioned nervousness about trying new things. What if I look like a dork? What if I can't do it? What if I don't like it?

But one thing that I've learned while on my health journey is that I need to try new things, find a variety of exercises that I enjoy. While I do love to run, I don't want to make that the only way I get my body moving. There are other muscle groups that I need to exercise as well.

So Spin Class it was.

I was still nervous, but I found I actually rather enjoyed it. It was fun to push my body in new ways. It was fun building up a sweat. It was fun to be alongside my friends as we felt our calves and thighs burn (or as the trainer said, "Hearing our legs talk to us". "Talk to us"?! Don't you mean "Scream furiously in colorful language at us"?!).

More surprising is that I find myself, the day afterwards, not feeling all that sore. Yes, my calves are tense. Yes, my thighs ache. And yes, my rear aches from where the seat dug into it (Note to future inventors: develop a more comfortable bike seat). My friends had warned me that I would be hugely sore the next day, particularly the rear and particularly when climbing stairs. But really, other than mild discomfort that I would normally get after a rigorous workout, I'm OK.

NOTE: We shall see how TOMORROW is like; perhaps my body is a day late!

After such a good experience with Spin Class, I find myself wanting to go again, wanting to add it to my weekly exercise routine. And it's a lesson to me to continue to try new things out. Hey, even if I don't like it, at least I can say I tried, right? And better to try it out than to always wonder what it would have been like.
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