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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Im am that gorgeous girls momma (The old on in the hat) lol She is 15 and a sophmore. She has been very thin and perfect her whole life 5 '3 and 115 pounds. This last summer she had to get on BC pills to help get her period in control, she was so severly anemic she almost had to get a blood transfussion. So needless to say she had gained some weight over the summer, not a lot but not fitting in her size 3-5 shorts/jeans anymore. She was mordified when she started noticing the weight gain....kicked my motivation WAY UP. I do not want her to struggle like i have my whole life w/ weight. Im a great mom but i could honestly be a better example of how to be healthy. Ive been on a 8 day role, no cheating and working out and tracking EVERYTHING i eat .....Its been a rough few years for my family and i have really neglected my health, i eat really healthy, lots of fruits and veggies, but would gorge at night w/ cookies, chips, and over eat till i got heartburn. So i began AGAIN last Wednesday the 21st of August I started that day at 248.8 I weighed today exaclty 8 days later and ive lost 5.8 pounds! I joined my work gym for $10.00 bucks a month because i cannot seem to wake any earlier than i already do and when i get home cook dinner serve my family clean up, make lunch for next day im pooped! Soooo I am able to get 30 mins of hard core sweat 5 days a week. I got my daughter a membership at a local sports center to wrk out after school 3 days a week. Shes kicking ass at it too! Im so proud of her......and she helps me stay motivated so I can be an example to her. My hubby who i love w/ all my heart is a horrible diet partner, eats horrible. I try and try to get him on board buy all healthy stuff for our home and he goes straight to fast food. He eats what I cook but then will go eat a candy bar or 3. Eats too much sugar and fat. But instead of letting that sabitoge meIm doing this with my daughter and its working good!
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