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Team Pressure

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

My team at work is notorious at pressuring everyone in the room to eat unhealthy take out lunches and baked treats, as well as candy during stressful times.

I've tried to combat it a number of times by bringing in fruit to share instead of candy... but we used to have someone who was allergic to and/or didn't eat fruit.

In my renewed activity doing the lunchtime Crossfit class twice a week, I've already dragged one coworker with me -- the one that promised to exercise with me when she came back from maternity leave.

Now, tomorrow, we might have two more join us. That's more than half of the room.

This might be a 1-time thing, because it's likely going to KICK THEIR booty, just in time for our "month end" close out with long hours (when they will be sore)... but it is still a step in the right direction.

I believe you can "indulge" in smaller portions of home-made banana bread and still lose weight. But I also know that you can't exercise yourself out of poor food choices. I hope to find a balance, and by encouraging those that are around me for 40-70 hours in a week to be more supportive of healthy choices, I think that will make it easier to get there.

I've lived in a home that did not encourage healthy eating; one that was entirely unhealthy in many ways - and I still lost 100 pounds. I know that I can do it in the face of adversity, and negativity, but if I can make this new daily environment positive, it should be easier.
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    There is a tumblr site dedicated to the stuff that gets put out for the office to share where I work: http://flapjacktable.tumblr.com/>
    As you can see... there's a whole lotta temptation there!

    Thankfully, I also have a few supportive and encouraging coworkers who remind me that it's ok to not eat the doughnut... or cupcake... or what have you. We compare lunches, and exercise routines, and even ran in a 5k together! I know I sometimes make better choices because they were able to make those choices first.

    It sounds like that could totally be you! Your example may be making a bigger difference than you know. ;)

    1565 days ago
    Yeah, if my co-workers always had baked goods kicking around to share, oh man... It's tough when you try to do all the right things, only to be surrounded by all the wrong things. At least you're embracing the conflict inside your head... talking it out with yourself and with us. That's a big deal, and you should be proud of that. Also, way to go having three of your co-workers join you for a workout!!! :-D That's AMAZING!
    1567 days ago
    Yes! Make it so.
    1570 days ago
    Keep dragging them to class and work it out. Anytime we have a celebration at work, I always bring something healthy. I'm still working on the vending machine, but the prices are doing a great job keeping me away. Working night that boredom/sleep deprive eating sometimes kick in. But, here lately I make sure I have boiled eggs, fruit, veggies, Greek yogurt or protein bars available and plenty of water. Keep up the great work Jocelyn. emoticon
    1571 days ago
    If it makes it easier and better for you then you should encourage them . They might thank you one day for it . emoticon
    1571 days ago
    Work is bad for our waistlines in my opinion. Well office work is! Congrats on the lunchtime workouts and getting some of your coworkers to start joining you.
    1572 days ago
    Stay strong. you know what is right for you.. they do not.
    1572 days ago
    Coworkers are enablers. emoticon
    1572 days ago
    emoticon emoticon You are Spreading The Spark and Improving the Whole Environment!!
    1572 days ago
    Oh-so-true words! re: "you can't exercise yourself out of poor food choices"!

    Kudos to your efforts in building a Winning Team at work!

    My former office partner had a candy dish on his desk. I ran him competition with my bowl full of cut up freggies. He retired, so there's no more candy dish competition and folks swing by for their healthy bites! :-)

    I've increasingly noticed whenever "contraband" is brought in to share with others that it hangs around for longer and longer times as folks take greater care to make better choices for their body fuel! It's been a terrific thing to be a part of!

    1572 days ago
    Impressive that you are so on track with getting your environment healthier. It is hard to change others' attitudes/food habits....but it is important to not cave in to poor food choices/activities around you. Way to go. Keep up the positive attitude. I do hope you can change the minds/lives of others around you.
    1573 days ago
    You get to be the trendsetter!!!! The positive influence that everyone needs!

    You CAN DO THIS!!!!
    1573 days ago
    you're doing a great job of managing this unhealthy environment! I have a bacteriology background and I imagine the food peopple bring to my office as teaming with bacteria that could make me sick. After all, the food sits out all day and people pick at it. Yuck! This is a very effective strategy to avoid nibbling which is one of my downfall areas.

    Keep looking for healthy choices you can bring in and if nothing else, keep a stash of healthy choices for yourself so you don't feel deprived. I keep healthy homemade muffins in the freezer, little bags of nuts and Quest protein bars in my desk, as well as Chike protein mix - it dissolves well in water and tastes like a Starbucks iced latte!

    Keep up your great work and your fitness efforts. The coworkers you are recruiting will appreciate their great results too!
    1573 days ago
    Unhealthy eating is the form of comfort food that a lot of people use during stresful times and it makes sense when it happens at work since that is a stressful environement

    still to your guns, get healthy and hopefully more will follow your lead. perhaps suggest one day everyone bring in a healthy meal much as salad day
    1573 days ago
    My Co Workers are just as bad they have constant food on the floor. The worst part.....we are nurses. Families bring us junk in, Dr's bring us junk in and other companies as well. It's frustrating at times having to say no over and over again.
    1573 days ago
    1573 days ago
    The peer pressure exists so that these folks can feel better about their own poor choices.

    Whenever anyone would bring something into places where I've worked, I've always been the last one over, oh I'm so busy I can't get away for even a moment, that sort of thing.

    I also would rather conveniently claim I was strictly kosher (I'm not), as most people have no idea what that means.
    1573 days ago
    It's a great thing that you try to inspire your co-workers to have a healthier life. Nevertheless, you should stay focused on your goals and on yourself!

    1573 days ago
    I get it from my co-workers too. Two of my co-workers pick on my healthier decisions. They intend it to be friendly teasing but it's pressure none the less. I wish we had a longer lunch break so I could take the time and work out.

    You're going great.
    1573 days ago
  • BRADMILL2922
    That is great that you are taking people along with you! Even if you can do it with adversity, it never hurts to surround yourself with the best possible situations!
    1573 days ago
    It's awesome you are encouraging your fellow coworkers to eat better! And not just because it makes it easier for you emoticon I work at an ice cream store, so temptation is all around me.....all it takes is one 'sample' taste and you are tasting everything! ugh! I'm one of the least athletic people at work so signing up for a 5k as a team is going to be interesting. Keep motivating your coworkers, before you know it might have a great group of work out buddies emoticon
    1573 days ago
    It sounds like you know what you need to do. Nobody pressures me at work yet for some reason, I'll eat whatever is there no matter what. Actually, I know the reason - I don't eat breakfast and I rarely take lunch. I'd like to ask how you do it, but I think the answer is clear, lol: DON'T EAT IT. Great job getting your coworkers involved. In the past, I remember being at a job where the more I lost, the more the other women got motivated and it helped me continue to lose.
    1573 days ago
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