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Step 3, decide why you're eating.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

You may think that you're eating all the time because you're hungry, but many times this isn't the case.

When you're eating at normal meal times, you're probably hungry. You will fill up on better for your body foods at that time and be satisfied from a good sandwich or an omelette or a big salad.

There are those other times that you find yourself grabbing something. You have to ask yourself some questions. Am I really hungry? Am I emotional (this can be happy, sad, angry or even frustrated)? Am I bored?

If you are truly hungry, then you can have a small meal or a handful of a good snack like nuts and cheese and be satisfied ofter the right portion size.

If you're emotional, you may think "I deserve this" cake, bag of chocolates or chips. You may be drowning your sorrows in a pint of ice cream. You may be celebrating something like a promotion or a birthday. You may even be celebrating the fact you lost a pound this week.

None of those are good ideas to hit the kitchen/vending machine/go out to a restaurant. You won't be satisfied with just a serving size of anything if you're in a heightened emotional state. It's especially hard on you to go to a piece of cake to celebrate a pound lost. That just goes against everything you did that week.

If you're bored, you don't need to be going to the kitchen to relieve your boredom. Find something to do. You can do anything that keeps you out of the kitchen, and you should especially do something that will keep you away from the kitchen and possibly keep your hands too busy to dip into that bag of chips. Clean the house, play a video game, go for a walk, call a friend, just find something to keep your mind off the particular treat you mainly go to.

There is one more thing that may have you eating, the food pushers, but that's for another blog. Only you can decide to put that food into your mouth.

Every time you are going to eat something, ask yourself those questions. Then you can decide if it's right to be putting food into your mouth. You should be eating to fuel your body, not your emotions.

Today's Holidays: Dream Day, Global Forgiveness Day, Just Because Day, Banana Lover's Day and National Pots de Crème Day.
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