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Why, Hello Size Six!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

So today is a study in contrasts. For every sad, I found a happy. But for every happy, sometimes there's a sad.

Happy #1 -- I randomly tried on some old pants this morning and I found I could wear my size 6 jeans again! Yippee. I thought it would be a couple more pounds before they fit, but the size 8s were starting to get really weird fitting in the waist and hip.

The Sad: I must have given away my FAVORITE pair of size 4 white jeans that I LOVED SO MUCH, because they weren't in the drawer anymore. Waaahhhh!!! Those were going to be my final weight loss goal. Once I could get back into those, I was done. Sigh. And my mom had just found me the perfect top to go with them. (all hail the Yard Sale Queen.)

Happy #2 -- This week's dance practice has been amazing! I've accomplished more than I have all last month, and I'm not ashamed to review the video. The sad associated with this is that I still have 6 more minutes of the song to learn, and the last 2 minutes of choreography is still unwritten. Since it's my solo piece, I'm assuming my teacher might actually make ME choreograph it. Yikes!

Happy #3 -- I'm doing a 15K run/walk in two weeks. Actually, that's got the sad included. Well, not sad so much as anxiety. I'm totally freaked out by the idea of doing a 9-mile trek, and I STILL haven't gotten my mileage up past 7 miles at a stretch. I'm banking on the idea that come race day, I'll be so motivated by everyone running past me that I'll be able to crawl through the finish line.

Happy #4 -- On the health front, I'm fine.

My tiredness has an explanation -- I'm not getting continuous sleep because I live with a snorer who wakes me up every hour, and I'm afraid to start using ear plugs again because I need to be able to hear the baby. But if I leave my door open and wear plugs, I can sleep through the night. Or I can sleep on the couch. What a wonderful solution. Also, now Darling Husband is ticked off with me because he doesn't think it's his fault I'm not sleeping and resents the suggestion. Sure wish I could take the kind of sleeping pills HE takes in order to sleep through the night. Oh well. Marital problems aside, I'm fine.

The pain I'm having in my knee ALSO seems to have a reason, and a solution. The suggestion from a running coach was that it's "Runner's Knee" from running on a cambered surface, like a city street. The suggestion to simply reverse my direction periodically seems to help. :) Ideally I'd like to find a track to run on, or at least an asphalt jogging path.

The other generalized aches and pains are relieved with stretching and ... heaven forbid ... WARMING UP AND COOLING DOWN. Why is it that so many dancers, when left to their own devices, will neglect this? I need a keeper, I swear.

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