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Hormones part 1

Monday, August 26, 2013

As many of my long time Spark friends have known, I have been struggling for years and years to get the final bit of weight off. What I was doing and was told to do did not show the results that it should. Calories in versus calories out did NOT work for me. I ended up with an eating disorder and an exercise addiction thanks to my desire to fit what society said women should look like.

About a year ago I was about to go off the deep and just stop eating all together then I heard of HCG. I tried it and it worked great for me and I got down to a size and weight that I was pretty happy with. I always knew that something was off with me and was hoping that it would reset the hormones that were off. In most people it would but not me. The hormones that HCG works with were not the ones that were way off.

Since my last round I have steadily gained weight despite eating low carb, eating when hungry, stopping when satisfied but not stuffed, something was still not right. I started doing Dr. Kruse Leptin reset and Cold Thermogenisis but still keep gaining, something was really really not right.

What I learned on the Leptin reset site is that women are very very hormonal (no DUGH!!!!!) and that I needed to get my levels checked ASAP. I wrote up a list of the tests that I wanted done and why and when to my GP and he agreed to run as many as he could. Not only was I gaining weight but I felt like I was in a fog (especially the second half of my cycle), my libido was low, I was sleeping like crap especially in the second half of my cycle again, I felt achy a lot, loss if interests in stuff, some days I just felt like the tank was on empty, I was getting ACNE again (WTF!!!!!), hair kept falling out. I was basically just falling apart.

After I got my first set of labs back, the puzzle pieces starting to come together.

When I got the first set of results back the main thing that hit me over the head was that my T3 and RT3 levels were messed up even with being on Armour for my thyroid. Why was this? It lead me to really look into my female hormones. Unfortunately, I had to redo the tests that I had the GP do because there is a specific time in the cycle that these need to be taken at (grrrr waste of money).

I did a saliva hormone test that tested the female hormones again as well as a 24 hour cortisol test and iodine.

Got the second set of hormone testing back last week and did get some good news about that. For one, it shows that my cortisol levels are good. Higher in the morning then dropping off at night. I think that this means that my adrenals are not shot, whoohooo. Cross that off the list of things to worry about and try to fix.

My progesterone as measured on day 21 of the cycle is way way low. 79 pg/ml on a scale of 75-270, estradiol 2.1 pg/ml with a range of 1.3-3.3 giving me a ratio of Pg/E2 of 38 when optimal is 100-500. I am estrogen dominate which means that I am not producing enough progesterone which is really messing me up.

No wonder I feel like crap, keep gaining weight and my thyroid is tanked, my Pg is low. My T3 levels are 2.3 pg/mL on a scale of 2.3-4.2, my T4 is a 1 ng/mL on a scale of 0.8-1.8, my reverse T3 is 21 ng/dL on a scale of 8-25 giving me a RT3 to T3 ratio of 10.95 when it should be at least 20 and above.

I have a bunch of other levels that are way low too and need the doc to explain to me how they are all related and which ones specifically to work on getting higher and which ones will just fall into place.

As much as I HATE that I have gained weight back after doing three rounds of HCG, I am trying to look at it as a blessing in disguise. I know that I have been hormonally off for quite a while (almost 7 years). The fact that I could lose on HCG but not keep it off when I was eating when hungry and stopping when satisfied and eating Paleo foods showed me that something was wrong. When I started doing the Leptin reset and CT and I was still gaining that really lead me to look into everything else much much deeper.

Robin Woodall’s Weight Loss Apocalypse, Dr Kruse and this site have hopefully saved me from another 10 years of hell. I have learned to eat when hungry and stop when satisfied and not eat XXX amount of calories because that is what the formulas have told me too. I have (hopefully) broke my exercise addiction and stopped using it as a way to punish myself for being fat. I do want to start working out again just to make sure that I am strong and I do love the endorphins but just cannot yet. I am learning that what size of pants I am in or what the scale says should NOT dictate my happiness (this is a tough one). I am loved and cherished by people who do not care what size I am.

I have been “off” for so many years now that it will take all the patience that I have to work on getting back to optimal since I want to be there NOW!!

Next blog will be about how the visit went and to say that I am nervous is an understatement after having seen 5 doctors and a PA’s who could not help me figure this out.

Member Comments About This Blog Post:
CINDYTW 8/26/2013 11:02PM

  Glad you have found some answers! Hope it can be treated! I know that hormonal things can be qiute tricky and sometimes backfire.

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ILLINITEACHER52 8/26/2013 9:14PM

  Thank you for sharing your story. I have recently gone through the saliva testing and am on a low dose of several bio-identical hormones. I thought I would start losing weight but so far it is not happening and I am somewhat disappointed but now I see that something else might need to be tweaked. I won't give up. I'm glad you won't either. And I'm glad that you accept that you are loved no matter what!

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WOUBBIE 8/26/2013 8:12PM

    Wow! This will be a major undertaking but it sounds like you are finally heading down the right path. What a relief!

You ever think of doing this for a living? You would be a wonderful advocate and guide for people who run into a brick wall with their weight loss and energy levels.

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KNYAGENYA 8/26/2013 3:05PM

    I'm so glad you were able to find out what was going on.

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