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Monday, August 26, 2013

Just another update. I am still paleo. I found I was paleo snacking in the evenings, so bought an omega juicer and been juicing dinner for a couple weeks. The weight dripped right back off. I watched fat sick and almost dead. I don't need to juice with the food I eat, but sure can get in more vegetables this way. It gives me micronutrients.

I vary the ingredients each day. Rare fruits, usually just lemon or lime. If my taste buds had not already changed on paleo, would have used a lot of green apples for sweetener. I use a carrot most days and they are sweet too. There are a million recipes on the Internet. I used one for a pizza tasting drink and it was great.

We compost so I don't feel too bad about the pulp. Maybe this winter will run the dehydrator and dry some up for cracker meal.
I bought a large beer mug and keep it in the freezer. I use it for my green drink, but drink it up in a couple minutes followed by a large glass of water.
I still feel like munching, but just watch and allow the feeling. One night I had a second juice, was way too stuffed and learned from that too.
It is always a process on this interesting journey.
I have had some popcorn at a movie in the afternoon, but see I don't like waking up with puffy eyelids.
Maybe I will just take a Baggie of macadamia nuts.

I used for the juicer. He has them all, compares them, helps you find if one is right for you. He also has the best prices.
Search Dayle Cook on to see some of the things I eat.

Wearing small clothes.

Hugs to all,
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