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Rough paddling...

Sunday, August 25, 2013

My brother messaged me last night around 10pm to see if I would go kayaking with him today. He just a new kayak, a 17 foot Solstice Titan. It is a much longer, lighter boat than the 14 foot Pungo he was paddling before. He got a hole in the Pungo on Saturday, and took it to the outfitter to get it repaired and they had the Titan available at a discount, so he said what the heck and brought it home when he left his Pungo to get patched. There is a big BIG difference between the Pungo and the Titan. Anyways... I suggested 11am for a launch time, so I would have time to walk Cooper in the morning, but he said he wanted a morning launch... not a brunch launch. I then suggested 8am, and he said we shouldn't get crazy about this and he would pick me up at 8:30. He was a little late, then we had to go put my boat on his car and drop off the dog with my parents. We didn't leave town until after 9, and then we had a 45 minute drive to get to our launch site. By the time we unloaded the boats, carried them down to the water and got ourselves sorted out it was 10:30. I was close on my time estimation, wasn't I? We finally got on the water and Lake Erie was a little bouncy, but nothing too challenging. We paddled from the Sturgeon Point marina up past 18-mile Creek, about 6 miles. The winds were increasing the entire time and the tailwind was making the swells a little bossy, but still not too challenging. Then we turned around to head back. Uh oh! That tailwind was now a headwind and gusts were picking up quickly. We had gotten about 15 minutes into the return trip and the swells had grown to about 2 feet with some whitecapping happening. Here I am still in my 12 foot Pungo (which is NOT designed for big water, and waves that rough), and Jeremy in his brand new boat which he was still getting accustomed to as far as balance and maneuvering. Ulp! So we decided to just paddle as hard and fast as we could back to the launch... 2 hours away. That was some hard paddling! 2 hours straight of rough seas, and all out effort, but we made it back to the marina, thank goodness. I landed first, so I could help Jeremy exit his boat (the cockpit is much smaller, so it takes some bending and folding, but hopefully no mutilating), but he was in a rush and didn't wait for me to sit on the bow of his boat to stabilize it, so he ended up falling into the water. Of course he blamed me for not moving fast enough. Grrr. Sometimes he can be a real Mr Grumpypants! He had a good reason to yell at me later as we were carrying his brand new boat up to the cat, because the handle slipped out of my hand and I dropped the front end of the boat. I thought he was going to have kittens! Not even a scratch though. Thank goodness... I never would have heard the end of that. We got the boats loaded and stuff sorted out and stopped for burgers and fries for a late lunch before heading home. On the way home he got a text from a friend asking him to go up and paddle the Lower Niagara River tomorrow morning. It is a trip I can handle in my short kayak, so it looks like we are both driving up there tomorrow morning EARLY. He is picking me up around 6:30, so I will have to get up before six so I can eat breakfast and be ready to go by then. I think this calls for an early bedtime tonight. I am so not a morning person, but I love kayaking, and early morning launches happen fairly often, so I deal.

On the way home we stopped at the grocery store so he could get breakfast food. I was experiencing some cravings, so I bought beer and chocolate. Since I burned about 3,000 calories today they fit into my calorie range. I left half of both the beer and the chocolate with my brother, so there is not quite so much temptation sitting in my refrigerator.

My biceps and calves are still burning from that paddle. I know, sore arms makes sense since I was paddling, but why the calves you might ask. Well, one of the ways to get more power into your paddle stroke is to put pressure on the corresponding foot peg, and since we were paddling full out (well, I was... Jeremy kept having to stop and wait for me) that means I spent two hours flexing my legs, especially my calves.

I was going to go for a short run today, but I just don't have the energy left. I did take Cooper for a 25 minute walk this evening, so he could do his "business", but other than that and a little yoga the kayaking was my main workout today. Looks like it will be tomorrow too.

Conditions got rough on the water today, but it was a lot of fun!
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