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Second Insanity Workout

Saturday, August 24, 2013

I am loving these Insanity Workouts! Today was day 3 of Insanity, 2nd workout: Cardio Power and Resistance

I know it's only my second workout (I'm not counting the fit test, although that was a good workout too!) but I am loving these workouts so far! I love how easy they are to modify (except for a couple of moves) and all the breaks you can take, which help me stay with them. I also really love that the group of people they have in the videos look like real life people. In other workouts even the person doing the modified versions are barely sweating and you know they're holding back because they were picked to do modified versions, they keep the camera mostly focused on the couple of people in the front who are your "example" people to follow. I love that the Insanity crew are actually doing the workouts and are all doing their own levels. Some people are kicking shin level, some are kicking knee level, some hip level, etc. They look like real people doing the real workout! I love it! It motivates me. I also love the length of them. The first 8 minutes are a warm up (which is a heart pounding, sweat inducing workout!) and then you go into 6 minutes of stretching, and then you only have about 23 minutes left of the workout, and the last 3-5 minutes is more stretching. It's fantastic! You pound out the warm up, stretch and catch your breath, then go all out (AND they give you a break between each set), and then you cool down with stretches that feel soooo good! It's fantastic so far! Although I've learned that I need to take little sips of water - just enough to coat my mouth and wet my throat. Otherwise my stomach hurts during the workout from being to full of water.

Now, there are a few cons too. I don't like that he keeps saying "modify as you need to, modify as you need to" but he doesn't show anyone doing modified moves or how to do a modified version. He also says to make sure your form is correct and that it is much more important than keeping up - which I completely agree with. BUT - they don't show you how to do the moves correctly. Now for me that's not really a problem because I've experienced other programs that DO show you how to do the moves correctly without hurting yourself. But someone who wouldn't know how to do the moves correctly would have a difficult time. Also - I wish he took some time to explain the moves. Either a stand alone DVD that show the moves or he could start explaining the next set during the breaks, etc. I keep having to rewind the DVD for any move that is complicated because I need to watch them do it. One last con I have is my own thing, not a con against the program, but there are some moves I can't do because my tummy gets in the way. Some things that involve scrunching yourself up and moving your legs, and I have no space under me to move my legs because my tummy is there. I also had a hard time doing mountain climbers because my feet kept sliding out of my sneakers, no matter how tight I tied the laces. So since it was the last move in the set I would stand up and run in place instead.

In general - I love the workouts, I love how I feel after, and I'm wondering if there is something wrong here?!? When I did Turbo Fire workouts, even just the 30 minute long ones, I had difficulty trying to walk down the stairs after. I would have to grip the banister and walk slowly. My body would be very sore the next day and I wasn't sure how I would do the next workout. But not with Insanity, which is supposed to be a much tougher workout? With Insanity I feel tired and my muscles feel worked and sore and I feel like I did every exercise as best as I could but I'm able to recover much more quickly. I feel good after a workout. Which means that I can do them in the morning and not be wiped out for the day!

I prefer working out in the morning - it keeps me on track during the day because I don't want to undo what I did in the morning and because it gets the workout over and done with and you can go about your day. When I do them at night after work I dread them. I go through my day thinking about the fact that when I get home I still have to workout, but I have all kinds of things I need to do, and etc, etc. It's difficult for me to wake up in the morning for the workouts, but I'm hoping I can get in the habit of it this week. It should really help.

That's all for now! Hope you're all having a sparktastic weekend!
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    Keep that enthusiasm and let it carry you through this program ! You are doing the right thing with small sips of water. I start my day with 1 to 2 8 oz glasses of water instead of coffee and I think that helps me through the workouts.

    There is probably nothing wrong because your body is not as sore as with the other workout. I have not done that workout but this is my 3rd round of Insanity and I did not experience a lot of muscle soreness either. It may have to do with drinking a lot of water during the workout, the intense stretches and the variety of muscles worked.

    It does sound like you need someone at an athletic shoe store fit you with some good supportive cross training shoes. Tell them what you are doing. Your legs are a very important part of Insanity so you want to support them well. You can do this !
    1637 days ago
    Did you double check the DVD 'extras' to see if there was a section that explained the moves? Is there anything in the paperwork or on the back of the DVD that gives a website that might explain the moves?

    Have you visited a shoe store in your area? Not a little area in a big store, but a specialty store? There should be people there who can make sure that your shoes are the right fit and/or if you need some kind of insert to make them fit properly. There are many different ways to tie your shoes to help them fit better - just do a search online for ways to lace your shoes; check runner's websites.

    Are you drinking cold water or warm water while you work out? If you're drinking cold water, DON'T. Your stomach is a muscle. If you were working out and suddenly dunked a part of your body into an ice bath then tried to keep going you'd feel sick - that's what happens when you drink cold water when your body is warm. Sure it feels good in your mouth, but your stomach won't appreciate it. Instead, drink lukewarm/room temperature water or slightly cool water. You should be drinking a cup of water every 15-20 minutes - in small amounts not huge gulps - while working out. So taking a few small swigs of room temp water every couple minutes while you have a break shouldn't cause tummy issues. You could also consider getting some gatorade powder (or something similar) and mixing just a little bit of it into your water to give your body sodium and potassium which will help your body use the water you're drinking more easily.
    1638 days ago
    Yes, I've heard that the Insanity Warm-up is every body else's workout! Go For It!
    1639 days ago
    I bought a new video workout today and sure hope I like it as much. The description sounded like something I would like. It is"hip hop" moves.
    1639 days ago
    Glad to hear you like them. I would like to try before I buy, so I looking for a friend that maybe has them. I am ready for something harder. emoticon
    1639 days ago
    1639 days ago
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