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Weigh-In 08.24.2013: Lotsa Hands

Saturday, August 24, 2013

This week was too much. A lot of drama with a major purchase I recently made. A lot of social stuff in the evening. Didn't really get my act together when it came to prepping meals in advance.

I've started working out again and the hungries came back. I took the advice that some of you gave regarding how to make them go away, but the raw amount of stuff that I had to get done this week, made eating out a lot almost necessary.

As goes my eating out and junkfood consumption, so goes my weight:

08.17: 200.0@21
08.24: 202.4@21

-This all came after 6 straight weeks of very healthy weight loss (no complaints).
-The heaviest/saltiest meal I ate was mid yesterday afternoon (would have still gained but not nearly as much).
-I've fully transitioned down to the next to last notch on my belt, even with a dress shirt tucked in.
-I look a lot leaner than I did 2 months ago.

As I lost the 15 pounds and kept strength training to a minimum, I found myself losing weight, but getting flabby. After these past two weeks of ST, I feel really good.

I kind of hate to say it this close to the 190's and my final goal, but I'm kind of wondering if I really care about weight loss at this point.

On one hand, I really do want to hit the numerical goals I set.

On the other hand, my body fat will almost absolutely not hit 15% if I don't build muscle, which will and has been contributing to weight gain.

On yet another hand (I gots lotsa hands :D), I believe that even with the hungries, muscle-weight and even water retention from two slices of 'za on Friday nights, i can and will still hit my numerical goals (including the actual weight goal). It just may take awhile longer.

Back in 2010, I was not willing to sacrifice weight loss even if it meant building muscle. I was obsessed with hitting 195. In retrospect, I think that that might have been a mistake.

In about a year, I plan to go on vacation to a fairly upscale beach/resort area (TBD). For what I'm trying to accomplish, I would rather be 225 pounds of raw muscle, than 195 with some flab. And frankly, I don't think it will come down to having to choose.

My plan going forward is to:
- Continue doing cardio workouts.
- Try to do about 3 minutes of core-work a day (up that by a minute or so to that each week).
-Continue fighting the sugar addiction and the hungries
-Definitely continue strength training

We'll see,

TD Out!
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    1665 days ago
  • SCRAP317
    What a healthy attitude! You know the OWs are here to support you no matter what your focus is - I do lean more toward the muscle myself. Flabby is frustrating! That's where I am and I want to firm up. Good job identifying your goals and reflecting on your losses and gains - it's when we stop doing that that we get out of control. Power on, my friend! XO
    1667 days ago
    I think you have been doing a great job. If you really want those numbers, keep working towards them while noting in mind that you are making great NSV too! Having to wear a smaller belt or notch is ALWAYS emoticon

    I wish you much more success emoticon
    1667 days ago
    My thoughts are that if you've reached a weight that you can maintain and are healthy....does the 190# really matter? I think that if you reflect on this and realize that you feel good, you look good and are healthy then it doesn't matter.

    Plus you've continued to work on your sugar addiction and you've increased your exercise which are awesome feats just in themselves.

    KUDOS to you! You're doing awesome even if you don't reach that numerical goal!

    1667 days ago
    "On yet another hand (I gots lotsa hands :D), I believe that even with the hungries, muscle-weight and even water retention from two slices of 'za on Friday nights, i can and will still hit my numerical goals (including the actual weight goal). It just may take awhile longer"

    -This is exactly what I was going to say! If you eat right, continue your strength training, and get that water in.. the number will eventually come. If it doesn't, it is what you said later... you will be 225 pounds of pure muscle, therefore, being SMALLER and LEANER than you were at say 195 or 200.

    -Muscle is great for FAT LOSS. Not necessarily WEIGHT loss. Your weight might stay the same or go up, but the fat loss will come. And when it all comes down to it, would you rather weigh 200 and be fit? or 180 and still have fat? (If that makes sense!) I had a trainer who was ALL about weights, and I think it really makes sense..he use to tease, "if you want to lose weight, chop off a leg! You will be down 50lbs, but now you have two problems.. you lost a leg and you are still fat."

    You are going to do great no matter what you choose to do!
    1667 days ago
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