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Friday, August 23, 2013

So I reset my goal for fitness. All spring & summer it has been set for the calorie burn I was getting when I was swimming 4x a week - which was too high anyway, as I found when I measured some of my swims by heart rate. But at the time according to SP I was burning over 2000 calories a week.

I just reset it to 2 days of cardio & 1 day of ST, which I am not even really doing right now but plan to get back to. SP calculated that that would give me a calorie burn of ~580 calories a week.

Which knocked my calories to eat range down to 1200-1500!!!! Since I'm struggling to stay under 1800, I'm guessing this is a crappy plan.

And explains why for months I wasn't losing weight - when my exercise went down and my food went up even a tiny bit? There you go. No loss.

I went back to my fitness tracker and looked at what I was burning during Couch to 5K, and what I burned on a couple of "lazy" ST days - doing my core & physical therapy "homework" but not a really full hardcore 1 hour ST or anything. Adding 2 run days and 1 "homework" ST day I would burn more like 800 a week, so I added that in instead, and moved my goal weight and date around.

Ultimately I want to get down to about 180; losing 1.5 pounds a week (that's the best I was ever able to manage, with my calorie range set for 2 pounds a week) that would take me until sometime next July, I think. That's depressing because I'm In A Mood today. (I know ultimately it doesn't matter WHEN I get there as long as I actually GET there.)

So instead I looked at what I would weigh on my next birthday (which is in April) if I lost at that rate, & SP says 202 pounds. WELL HEY. That's the crossover from obese to overweight for me! That's a goal I can get behind - be Not Obese by my bday. I'm setting it down to 200 and going to try to stay low on calories high on exercise relative to my settings to give myself some breathing room, but I think this is a better thing to shoot for.

So I reset the goal line (it was depressing me by reminding me if I hadn't slacked off all spring and summer I'm "supposed" to be 215 by now) and the goal weight and date and I get a happy new yellow line, and a much more reasonable calorie range of 1390-1740. This is a little lower than what I had been working with, about 1550-1840 or something like that, but not the horrifying 1200-1500.

But yeah, the bottom line is, the reason I can't lose weight when I eat at the top of my calorie range is because the top of my calorie range is actually over my calorie range because I did not know what my calorie range WAS.

And the new top of my calorie range is not going to work so well for me if I don't get my exercise plan, meager as it is, in gear.

So I guess this is a good thing, because it means I'm running tomorrow no matter how crappy I feel trying to wake up. I've been struggling to get up at 8am; back when the gym 3x-5x a week was the norm I got up at 5:30-5:40am every day. I go to bed at roughly the same time so I'm not sure what the deal is, but I just have to suffer through the first couple of weeks to get back on track.

I need to get running anyway; I'm signed up for a 5k on October 6 and I need to train some, so it's good to have this kick in the pants.

On top of that, even though I'm only up 4lbs from my lowest back... whenever that was, I don't know, March - 247.7 which is basically 248, and I'm 251.7 which is basically 252 - I'm just feeling really puffy and flabby lately. It's bumming me out.

So mark me down as Cranky But Determined.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I love your blogs they are so motivating so thank you for sharing. emoticon
    1404 days ago
    You do the math, I'm struggling just to get my blog done emoticon what does THAT say for my motivation? Guess I better get busy finding it!

    Have a great weekend! emoticon
    1405 days ago
    Cranky but Determined,
    I agree with MCASKEY6, I think you're over thinking it (something I too am often accused of doing.) If you exercise more and eat less, you'll lose weight. It's up to your body to determine how fast and how much. That, math defies. I swear, I look at some peoples 'shared food and fitness trackers' and I'm baffled. I see people that routinely log 1200 calories and regular exercise and claim to not lose weight. I think- you either aren't logging everything, or you are inflating your exercise, or you just expect the weight to fall off in a week. I meanwhile, log between 1700 on a low day and 2000 on a high day and exercise 5 days a week. I have managed to maintain/lose a pound or two, which is where I should be. I think you can 'math it out' as much as you want, but your body might not agree.
    1405 days ago
    Honey, you are way over-thinking this. I have the same problem, I spend so much time planning and worrying about "what if" I never get around to "doing". Forget last Spring and Summer, stop worrying about the future. Having goals is great, but you need both, future goals and right now goals. Just focus on TODAY. What are you going to do today to be healthier? Focus on this week's goal, those 2 pounds your going to lose. What changes are you going to make this month to stay on track. Good luck and remember to have fun! emoticon
    1405 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/23/2013 2:27:20 PM
    LOL You have a good attitude towards "possible" defeat - emoticon
    1405 days ago
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