RE: An Old Friendship, Rekindled (From Many Years Ago).

Friday, August 23, 2013

RE: An old friendship, rekindled (from many years ago), has recently started up again, on/from (15th July 2013), this person who i am on about, is someone who i 1st knew when we both lived at Allington, we both lived in (separate areas) of Allington.

His name is Mike Burland, i 1st met him when i was about 5 years old, i lived at (Allington), at the time his youngest Daughter, (Sheralee), used to be best friends, with Chickky my Sister (Helen), so i have known him about 38 years!!!!, !!!!, !!!!, he used to drive a White Van.

With his name painted across the side of it, for his Job he is a Builder (by Trade), so he is very good with his Hands!!!!, !!!!, !!!!, lol lol lol, he is now the same Age as my Mum (Mary), they are both 65 years of Age!!!!, !!!!, !!!!, lol lol lol, he is well well FIT!!!!, !!!!, !!!!, we are just Friends.

Or as i like to call him, my (Special Friend), i'm lucky as he lives, not far from me literally just around the Corner, not far from A&E (Grantham Hospital), he is well well Tanned!!!!, !!!!, !!!!, lol lol lol, as he likes to keep busy in his Garden, either doing jobs in it, or sitting in it etc etc etc.

He is the only 1, who can keep me in Tact (look out for me), when things have been bad recently, as they have been, see my (Blogs) for further relevant information, as i have given him my, Home Address & Fone Number, so he knows to come & get me, if things are/get bad.

Which has happened, quite a few times recently TBC TBC TBC TBC emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
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