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Friday, August 23, 2013

Finally totally over my bad feelings. As I said before, it is NOT good to hurt someone's feelings a week before they will see you awake again and then tell them not to write anything. Ha. Surprisingly though, he has been overly nice for him so I got the impression he really didn't mean to be so mean. It was EXTREMELY cool weather for Texas this weekend, at least to me , and I got to do my bike ride around the entire perimeter of the cove in twenty minutes. I wanted to do it twice in one day but we found a good movie on one of those twenty movie DVDs. So I waited til next morning and added a side road. On the way out I made Ron drive the route to see the pelicans that the dog that liked my bike didn't let me get a good view of but they were all gone. However I found out my 30 minute bike ride was four miles so its all good. No weight loss though. Still. Probably packing on the muscles.

Its incredibly hot since we got back home. Finally saw hummingbirds at the cabin. Saturday evening one kept circling me for about an hour and ran another one off. That is when I realized he had been dive bombing me when we first got there that morning. I kept hearing him but didn't see him til evening. He really likes us. Ron put brackets on the picnic bench and sanded it and I stained it again where the woodgrain is beautiful. He got the leftover bricks from the guy across the street and he says he actually did sell his house. No real use for them...he just wanted them and that was his excuse to make us go back so soon. He says we MIGHT start working on the house again this weekend. I'll believe it when I see it and hike if we don't. Added grapefruit last week and milk begins today after over a year without so its getting better.

Tuesday. No WONDER the girls were fighting and acting a fool all night. Not only is it a full moon, its a blue moon. I'm back to being agitated too. Been working on a Sears order for THREE hours but it won't let me use the five dollars off code, is charging shipping when it isn't supposed to, and itATE my gift card. I had over $38 left on one and the order was only $21 after taking off everything but the last curtain for the living room but it still wanted me to enter more payment and now says that gift card has been used. Of course it has!!!! It paid off the order and still has cash on it, ding dongs!!! The only reason I only ordered 5 instead of the six curtains I needed was so I could get all the deals so I guess God is making me be patient so I can. I hate patience. But it does give me boring antidotes for my girls when they want to tell me how they have just had the worst birthday ever and they can't handle the agitation. She actually seemed to chill a bit when I told her about writing out my gripes until even I was sick of hearing them.

That is why I am saving this blog til DirecTV tomorrow and terminex the next day. I am sure I will have more gripes then. But when this week is through, it will be tons better. I get to almost double my meat starting Monday. Sears HAS to be able to fix their mess tomorrow and all will be right with the world...if I ever lose this last 12 pounds. Ha. I'm not gaining yet, so there. I am also perturbed that it seems I have to quit taking breaks at the gate after dark. Two dorks slowed down last night and then came back and parked just past the gate so I jumped up and went back inside the gate and they left. Made me mad so I went back but decided that was a stupid choice and left myself. Can't get any peace.

Oh my gosh. How stupid!!!! I found out it was the mobile site giving me grief on Sears. When I switched to full site everything worked...except I did it again! I ordered only 3 of the 4 curtains I will need in the bathroom in order to get the 5 off and free shipping so now I will be in the same boat when I get to that. Have to remember to get one more curtain and then figure out another stack of stuff for the rest. Just when I had decided I probably wanted to get the rest of the curtains elsewhere. What a dork. Sometimes my penny pinching is more trouble than its worth. I just can't help myself. I have been saying I have 15 years before I can retire for 2 years or more so I decided to check the numbers and come up with the year and it is STILL fifteen. Ratz. Zack thinks he will have loans paid off this year and pay me off by next July so that will be amazing. Ron actually said we MIGHT work on the dining room this weekend. I really need to wind down and sleep!!!

This little square took a whole weekend to accomplish.

Wednesday. Girls still fighting and boys too. Still full moon. Took 2.5 hours to get DirecTV installed again! Crazy! But worth it. Now we can bring a box with us to the cabin and we have all the movie channels for 3 months. I won't know how to act when I get to add an extra meat meal starting Monday. Just gonna make it tuna lettuce salad to start with my other meal having the small amount of variety that I deal with. I just stick with what I like. Haven't worried much with exercise the past couple of days with all the acting out at work since I am really only eating 100 extra calories so far. I do need to throw this out there. If you are on medifast as long as I have been and then start transitioning, it is a very farty world! Just have to own that one.

Thursday. Girls STILL acting nuts at first of shift. One threw a phone at the window from about 12 feet away or more like 18 feet...a LONG distance and it didn't lose ANY velocity or succomb to gravity in any way. Luckily, they let up on us after that and the moon doesn't seem to be full anymore. I am really excited to have my DirecTV again. Just the second day and I already got to see True Blood! I got to do my walking tonight and the curtains have already been delivered! Medifast hasn't even been picked up from the company, however, and I ordered on the 17th. Luckily, I have enough through September 5. Now if Ron just sticks to it and lets us get back to remodeling, we will be totally on track! School starts Monday!

My pigeon picked up her nest and moved on. Whaa
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    You always have the best pictures!!!! LOVE hummingbirds!!!!
    1646 days ago
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