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Saw Foot Dr,,from the neuropathy sug,, do you suffer from this?

Friday, August 23, 2013

HI ALL !! THANKS SO MUCH in advance for ur readin this and ALL the Encouragement,, advice you shall give so wisely.

As most of you know (am writing this for the new ones who do not know) I had a nerve decompression surg on the 6thFor the first 2 weeks, I was to be 100% OFF my left leg,, the surg is to stop the neuropathy pain. IF you KNOW anyone who has this , or have it urself,,, this is a GREAT Solution. My left leg is now totally numb,,,, and my foot does NOT have that needle pin,, pain feeling. I've even CUT DOWN the pain meds for this !! HOW COOL IS THAT??? VERY !! HOWEVER !! it has NOT stopped the bone pain,,,,, of which "I think"??? I MAY of already broken a bone,,or did something else nasty to the foot. since I am USED to this,,, I already know,,to put on the shoe boot thingie,,,, and STAY OFF IT !! Putting ice on and off. So yeah,, why bother going in?

Ok now,,,, with the surg ,,, I am to stay OFF the foot other than I GET TO FINALLY (WOOHOOO ) !! To WALK to the kitch, or Ladies,,,,, and this is A WONDERFUL THING TO DO !! NO Standing longer than to grab something than back to a chair,,or usually my MOST COMFY PRINCESS BED !! I call it " Princess bed" for it's the MOST COMFY thing I've EVER SLEPT On,,,and I did have a sleep number bed !!!

SO now I am THRILLED to walk a tiny bit. For the first time in over 2 weeks,,,i even took a shower !! it was GRAND INDEED !!!! I had to use the plastic cast cover to do so,,,and put out to the side, but it was WORth it !! I LOVED IT !!

If you suffer from neuropathy and want the PAIN GONE !! talk to ur Dr about a "nerve decompression" surg. Its NOt a "Really easy" surg,,,and you WIll feel pain afterwards,,,but its WORTH IT to have the neuro pain GONE !! COMPLETELY GONE !!

WOOHOOOOOO !!!! I've told some of my neighbors here who have it,,,, and they are ALSO JUMPIN FOR IT !!!! Just make sure you have a way of getting around for 2 weeks TOTALLY OFF FOOT !! If someone can wait on u,, WOOHOOO !! I had my GD here for a few days, but I have a power chair,,,,, so I was able,,,bein alone,,,to do this fairly easily.

Hope this can help you to have HOPE If you have this HORRIBLE disease.

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