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You are your own secret weapon

Thursday, August 22, 2013

This is not my stunning genius revelation for the day, it's a quote from a song by my FAVorite Band EVA:

But the thing is?? It's TOTALLY TRUE. It IS all up to you, to come out swinging!

So COME OUT SWINGING everybody! Whatever your fight may be.

Today's Motivational Moment brought to you by my status update. I was eating my sweet potatoes, which I "baked" overnight in my crock pot, for breakfast. And I just went to the work fridge to put away my chicken salad, which was made with chicken "roasted" in my crock pot while I was at work yesterday. And I was thinking " MAN, that crock pot is my secret weapon!" and then I started singing "Secret Weapon" in my head (my motto is: "There's an MxPx song for every occasion." Because there is.). And it struck me how very appropriate the lyrics are. (see motto, sentence prior).

And of course whenever I have a thought that I find even mildly interesting, well,


Anyway. Some of my various secret weapons lately (besides MYSELF, obviously):

1) Crock pot - great for prep, this way I don't have to come home and cook chicken, THEN make chx salad for lunches AND cook dinner AND clean up the dishes from both. I just ripped up all the chicken while the pasta water was coming to a boil, then made my salad after dinner. Ditto sweet potatoes - ready when I woke up! GENIUS.

2) Greek yogurt. I put it in freaking everything. Without it I never, ever met my protein goal for the day.

3) PACK YOUR LUNCH DOOFUS - memo to myself. I do much better both being calm in the morning and with eating when I figure out what I'm going to bring the night before, and get it ready. Instead of scrambling around when I have to leave for work 10 minutes ago.

4) Pre tracking. Lately this is working really well for me. I pre track my lunch & snacks when I pack them, the night before, and then that's done. Then I have been going ahead and tracking my dinner; since my insane shopping extravaganza I have all this dinner stuff, so I already know what I'm going to make. This has been helpful the last few days because I'll be at work and want to eat something - usually not ACTUALLY hungry, just "wanna" - but then I look at my tracker trying to figure out how to "afford" it. I've been aiming for the LOW end of my calorie range, since I'm not getting as much exercise & I want to still have a decent calorie deficit. So my choices are 1) go up to the high end and lose weight slower or even maintain, since I only just started back up 2) remove something from dinner, or possibly a dessert I've already planned 3) don't eat the random thing. Obviously in those terms? #3 is the most attractive option alllways.

5) fizzy water!! We have a SodaStream (we bought it for ourselves for our anniversary one year, hee hee) but were out of CO2 for, like, EVER. I got some last week when I went to buy husby his housewarming present - I've been promising him an ironing board since we put in an offer on the house.

(This is a tangential but hilarious story. My husband gets REALLY EXCITED about this ironing board. For 10 years we've just had one of the little ones you put on the tabletop, and he hates it, and threw it away while we were packing so then he had none. I guess a full size one is awesome when you iron shirts? I don't iron jack so I wouldn't know. If a piece of clothing needs to be ironed, I save time by not purchasing it.)

ANYWAY. I was excited I could make fizzy water again (and soda, but that's less exciting since remember the 3 12packs of Coke zero? yeah.) so I've been filling the bottles & chilling them overnight. Then I fizz them in the morning (one 1 L and two half Ls) and bring them with me. It's very motivating to drink water; it's just tap water but +fizz makes it more fun. I usually polish off one of the half liter bottles in the car before I even get to work, and the second one by ~10am. Add a full bottle of iced tea (plain!) and the liter bottle of fizzy water and I'm getting in 10 cups of water where 6 used to be a struggle for me. FIZZY WATER ROCKS.

6) That reminds me technically ICED TEA should be it's own thing:

I LOVE THIS STUFF. I first bought it on a whim when I was visiting my parents last summer. Since then I couldn't find it anywhere! I started complaining that only the grocery store around the corner from my parents' house in Ohio carries it. Guess where I was last weekend? And guess what I bought 6 boxes of? LOL. I got the berry, and the green tea with mint. 3 cups of brewed tea has ~7 calories, whoopee. I'm counting it as "water." The other 7/10 cups a day are just water so it's fine.

7) This sounds counter-intuitive, but bear with me: Delicious treats like very dark chocolate (Ghirardelli 72% at least; the 86% is even better) and Biscoff spread (zero nutritional value except that I put it on apples). It's not that I don't have the desire to eat huge quantities of this stuff; it's more that the fact that I would rather have them than other "junk" stuff. The key to this is I leave them AT HOME. So at around 3:30, 4:00 this afternoon when I'm bored and fidgety and I kind of want to go to the vending machine, it will be easier to resist knowing tonight with dinner I can have an apple with biscoff. There's nothing in the machine I'm willing to give that up for.

Bringing this stuff to work would be a disaster, but having it at home has been really helpful this week. It kind of needs to pair with #4, though. I need to know that the other treat or snack is going to "cost" me something I really, REALLY love.

8) Attitude: "I can eat whatever I want." It's true, I can. However, if I want to be healthy, and lose weight, I can't eat AS MUCH as I want of whatever I want. This is a really important distinction for me; if I start feeling like I "can't" have this or that because it's unhealthy or fattening I lose steam really fast. I had this issue when I was shopping. I really wanted biscoff because I hadn't had any in months and months, but it has zero nutritional value. It's sugar and fat basically; it doesn't even have any of the redeeming qualities of peanut butter. So I was trying to talk myself out of it. But the thing is? I eat it on apples. Apples are healthy. And I'd rather have a tiny scoop of that with an apple than an entire package of Oreos, AND it's healthier. By the time I eat the entire jar I'll have eaten like 30 apples. I know I can eat it in moderation because I ate it ALL THE TIME last winter when I was losing like crazy. I just only eat what I can "afford" in my daily calories. And that's the way I need to approach everything - cheese, butter, ice cream, cake, whatever. I can eat ANYTHING, I just need to practice regulating how much. I'd gotten quite good at it, I'm just dusting off those habits.

I'm also working on a new secret weapon - something to battle the less helpful parts of my mentality. There's part of me that always wants to compete with nonexistent scenarios, i.e. "If I hadn't stopped tracking and doing well I'd be down to ____ by now." I've been stationary for basically 5 months, and part of me wants to obsess over the weight I could have lost and didn't during that time. Not productive! "Embrace what tomorrow brings, you can't change the past." (MxPx, Secret Weapon) Yup. It doesn't matter what I did Then; it matters what I do NOW. Onward.
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