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My New JOB!!!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

I can't stop smiling!
I am in the process of studying to get my Group Fitness Cert in Australia so I can be an instructor again.
In the meantime I decided to go ahead and get my foot in the door of a gym in another role.
I have sent out my resume etc etc...this one job seemed to jump out at me and when I got a call the very day I applied for it and was interviewed on the phone and asked to come in for a face to face I was excited. Then a few days later was called to come in for a group interview with 3 others. Upon leaving that day, I had a gut feeling I would not get that job. Not sure why, just did. Almost a week went by when I got an email stating that the position had been filled BUT that something else had come up and they wanted to discuss it with me. The meeting was set for Tuesday, in the meantime I also had 2 interviews scheduled at a chain gym for sales. Then on Monday the meeting was postponed until Thursday..I was starting to lose hope, but still...I REALLY loved this gym and was curious at what they were going to offer me. One of the other interviews went really well, and it was a new gym, beautiful equipment..but to be honest, Sales is just not my thing, but I want a a gym!!!

So I go today to the gym I like..(BTW this gym is PURPLE-love at first sight)..and shockingly I was offered the job as the Group Fitness Coordinator. Both the owner and the mgr really liked me in my interviews but felt that my passion for Group Fitness was not going to be the right fit for the front desk..but they still wanted me to be a part of their gym family. They were going to ask me if I wanted to teach there, in the meantime the Group Fit mgr went to them and told them she needed to step down from that position, she is also over the Personal Trainers and could no longer do both, lucky for me it was Group X she wanted to give up..both managers knew immediately that they wanted to offer me the position. I am so is more than I could have hoped for since I am not even certified to teach yet in this country.

The gym felt like home the minute I walked in. I have visited a few gyms since I have been here and this one just "fit"..and so did the management, I felt a connection with both of them right off the bat and I know I will be so happy there.

I start taking classes tomorrow but won't take over the position until September some time. I am just so happy, I can't stop smiling! This is a HUGE shot of motivation right when I needed it as I have been feeling a little low lately, and with the tooth issues I had, I have to admit I have not been watching my diet closely, nor have I been exercising. Hubby and I are going out for a quick celebration tonight at my favorite "fast food" place (Bing Boi)..overall it is still healthy, its a Chinese wrap, they make the wrap right there in front of you, whole wheat and an egg, and then it has veggies and whatever protein you choose. I have been craving one all we will have it tonight and then my focus goes back to my clean eating and exercise.
I am so PSYCHED!!!!!!
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