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Day 3

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I have a yellow Post-It on my monitor at work with a red 3 in the middle of it. It's day 3 of my new program and I'm happy to report that I'm ahead of the minutes of walking my coach scheduled me for. I'm trying not to over-do it, but it feels good to get out and be a little bit active, even if it's just walking.

Today I headed out for my walk and saw a co-worker heading out to do the same. She asked if I wanted to walk together and it was delightful! She wore this 51 year old, overweight and out-of-shape gal out, but it was fun!! I pushed myself a little harder than I probably would have if she hadn't been with me. Went a little faster and a littler farther than I intended. But I feel good! Exhilarated, even!

I'm up to 110 minutes of walking in three days and am scheduled for 120 this week so I'll probably try to do a little less distance and duration tomorrow so I don't cause injury. I know that rest is important for building strength and endurance, too. I expect I'll still go over 120 minutes, but I'll give myself a little break over the next couple of days and then probably try a longer walk this weekend.

I'm also finding that I'm more mindful of what I'm eating and portions. Last night I chose the smaller burrito at Big City Burritos, skipped the rice, sour cream and guacamole. Then we went to Coldstone and I got the smallest serving of ice cream and savored every bite! I think I'll tackle one thing at a time so I'm not going to start depriving myself entirely of things that I like to eat, but I find that when I've exerted myself like this I don't want to blow it with a HUGE serving of ice cream!

I'm trying hard to make good choices for my health when it comes to what I put into my body. I know I won't be perfect, but I'm making better choices one day at a time.

So far, SOOO FUN!!
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