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Not Feeling So Hot

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Ah, Sparkies. Whenever I feel down I know I can turn to you. Read your blogs and get inspired. Write my blog and get it all out. See your comments and emoticons of support and feel all warm and fuzzy. Right now I NEED my Spark!!

Here's my frame of mind at this very moment:
1. It's PMS (Prepare to Meet Satan) time
2. I've been eating naughties EVERY day for at least 2 weeks now, prob more.
3. I ate a half a pan of peanut butter brownies last night
4. I looked chunky in my workout clothes this morning
5. I found out I FAILED my group fitness certification and I have to retest

I'm not in the best frame of mind. To top it all off, weekend after next we are getting a roommate and I'm not pleased. I've never been good with roommates. And it's basically a stranger moving in with us, and athlete he coaches at the gym. And it's a girl, which will be a new dynamic for me. I understand why it's happening, I just want to pout about it a bit. The She-Mutant has made his life pretty tough. I now know why the phrase "Cheaper to Keep Her" exists.

It's going to weird around the house for a while, but at most this will last until March. I can't cook breakfast in my birthday suit anymore. I can't take up the whole fridge with farmers market veggies. However, she seems very nice and introverted like me. So maybe we could sit in separate rooms and read simultaneously or something. Being a CrossFitter, she's obviously into fitness and cares about eating healthy and if I'm allowed to stereotype I can assume she is Paleo like us. We'll see...

So yeah, I failed my certification practical test. It was done via a webcam. The instuctor put on music and asked to see a warm up, then a cardio segment. Then she called out muscle groups and we did 2 exercises and 1 stretch for each. I got 3 out of 3 point on 9 categories. Yay right? Wrong. I failed because I MISSED ONE FREAKING CATEGORY AND I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHY. The "torso" category I scored 1 out of 3. I think it was because for the erector spinae muscle I chose to do a superman. The comments said I did an "unsafe or advanced movement without showing proper modification". They just don't tell me what was unsafe. So I'm irritated because I wasted another week and $75 to retest. And it's going to be embarrassing when I tell the gym owner that I failed. I think I'll just say "oh.. haven't heard anything.. still waiting on results" and then tell her I passed when I retake. It makes me so mad because they want you to demonstrate moves that my grandma could do. It's nothing that is relevant to any group exercise classes I take. Whatever.

I've got to get my eating under control. I need to do another Whole30, or at least a Whole10 or something. I have sugar every day! I'm eating processed foods more and more. Those brownies last night were just over the top. I haven't gained pounds (yet) but I just look.. puffier. I don't feel well either. I'd rather just lay in bed reading all day than get up and do stuff. I almost fell asleep this morning going 80mph. Granted, I could be overdramatizing the girly symptoms I'm experiencing. But I don't think the constant sugar crashes are helping with these symptoms.

Exercise is still going well. Still doing 4 days a week on my lunch breaks, plus 1-2 hours of pole, an hour of barre, and an hour of chair every week. I'm going to try to do more poling at home. I've got a couple tricks I'd like to perfect. My reverse grab spin looks nasty, and that particular spin can look so impressive if you have the strength to control it. I also want to get the half moon pose.

Sigh.. I feel better. Very therapeutic :)

Member Comments About This Blog Post:
BIGPAWSUP 8/22/2013 10:14AM

    It was a bad day. Try to shake it off and keep pushing. Glad you vented - that always,helps,me!

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ERIN1128 8/21/2013 5:30PM

    Venting is good for the soul! I've gotta say, peanut butter brownies sound heavenly. :-) And I laughed out loud about no longer being able to cook in your birthday suit! No worries, this too shall pass, and you'll get through it, I promise!

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LOLATURTLE 8/21/2013 5:26PM

    Sounds like stress eating! I feel you. Do what you can manage for now. Sometimes it helps me to eat absurd amounts fruit instead of processed sugary stuff. Then I can step down fruit once I've kicked the white stuff.

Also maybe, sometimes for me overeating is a reflection of feeling out of control in other ways. And the bf's ex is definitely something you can't control. The thing is, you'll never be able to control her. All you can manage is your own reactions to her.

I won't speak much to the fitness thing... you know way more about it than I do! I'd say for the failed test, at least now you know what they're looking for.

As for the roommate thing, I feel like I can help. My most successful roommate situation ever was when I lived with 10 people. Which sounds insane, and it was, but being SO MANY we were forced to have a system. A system is a good thing for you and bf, because you know what to expect, and for her because I'm sure it can feel weird to be a single person moving in with a couple! If there's a system she won't feel like you secretly feel like she's intruding on your relationship. Which... even if you do, never let on, because that will just make things weird, and weirdness + tension begets more tension which leads to unhappiness which leads to shirking responsibilities out of resentment, which leads to MORE tension.... etc.

We had the following things in our huge house:
1) an initial meeting where we created the system in the first place
2) regular house meetings. House meeting was every Sunday night and we discussed any issues, reviewed the week's schedule, created the week's menu, and pooled money for the week's grocery trip. Which was immediately after the meeting. It was campus housing but had it been an off campus house we would have also pooled money for bill paying at this time.
3) house buddies (with only 3 ppl you probably do not need this, haha.) we were divided into pairs for cooking & cleaning chores
4) rotating chore schedule - each pair was assigned 1 night a week for cooking, then the following night you were on dishes. and then 1 additional chore which rotated - cleaning bathrooms, floors, whatever. Me and my house buddy Ken would meet before the house meeting to decide what we wanted to make that week, then we all shared our menu plans at the house meeting to make sure we (Wednesday) and the Thursday night pair weren't both planning on making tacos or something.

We did not have bills or a TV but these things also need to be part of the system.

So step 1 is to tell her you want to have a system to help everyone be happy & live in harmony. Step 2 everyone separately brainstorms how you think the system should work. Step 3 you have your first house meeting where you incorporate everyone's ideas into the system. Stuff you obviously need to discuss:

-Bills - who is paying what, in what proportions, how and when will money be exchanged, and how will you handle lateness or disputes.
-Cleaning - how often will different cleaning chores be done and who will do them for shared spaces (ex., dishes daily, vacuuming weekly, whatever.)
-Groceries - shared or separate or a mixture. If mixed, which items will be communal and will you pool money or alternate who buys them. also how to allocate fridge & freezer space
-Communal spaces - kitchen, tv/living room, etc. Who uses them when? Does anyone feel super strongly about any particular space or time? How will you share spaces so everyone can use them?
-How you would like disputes to be handled, whether that's "I don't have the full rent this month" or "It's your turn to wash the dishes and you didn't; how should I remind you?"

A system also makes it feel like a business transaction kind of thing which makes it less emotional. This is a good thing. If you negotiate and agree in advance, there's less fighting. Plus you can always just refer to the agreement instead of getting all resentful. Good luck!!

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MISSB8604 8/21/2013 5:09PM

    emoticon emoticon

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