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How to Stay Motivated When Losing Weight ~ Something I Must Learn

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Hello Sparkie Friends,
It has been awhile since I blogged and decided that today would be a good day to do so..... to look back to see where I was and to look forward,,, towards my goal.

Well on May 1, 2013 I was 238 pounds
Today on August 20, 2013 I am 205 pounds
For a total lost of 33 pounds!

I feel better health wise and have more engery, plus I feel better about how the "outside" of me, reflects the person that I am inside

I don't have all the answers and am still trying to find my way through this thing called "weight loss journey" or "lifestyle change",,,, how ever you label it,,, this is a HARD thing to do!

So How to Stay Motivated,,,, that is a good question and something that I HAVE to learn,,,,,, I have lost weight before BUT keeping it off,,, on a long term basis,,,, that is the real issue.

I found a great article but it is long so I will summarize it & add my "two cents" into it:

Skill One: Reward Yourself

One of the best ways to stay motivated throughout your weight loss journey is to reward yourself with non-food rewards that you will look forward to and enjoy. By marking a goal -- say, each five pound loss -- you will begin to correlate reaching your goals with a pleasurable experience. (I know that many people use this,,,, but I have never been good at this,,,,,,, I will have to change and think of little non food rewards to keep me motivated)

Skill Two: Track Your Progress and Portions

By looking back at how far you've come, you're less likely to revert to old habits. (This is what I use the Spark's Tracker and the Wii Fit ,,, it is a great tracker)

Additionally, if you keep careful records, you will be able to catch slip-ups in your calorie counting or exercise habits that, left unchecked, could cause a major plateau or weight gain. (So I weigh myself every day,,, that helps keep me on track and if the scale goes up,,, that is a warning to me that I am eating too much)

Careful record-keeping includes closely monitoring portion sizes -- what many say is the most important long-term weight management key. (I am horrible at keeping a food log but my most important skill has been, learning to keep the portions small,,,, instead of eating on a dinner plate,,,, I serve myself on a salad plate,,,, the plate gets full easily ..... I also am listening to more of my body cues and stop eating when I am full,,,,,, I wait at least 15 minutes and gage if I am hungry or not)

Skill Three: Master Emotional Eating

To achieve long-term weight loss success, you will have to come face-to-face with any emotional eating habits by asking some important questions: Do you overeat when you're angry? Do you splurge on an extra serving of dessert when you're feeling frustrated?

Being honest with yourself is the only way to get the true measure of your emotional eating triggers. Without facing them, you will always be less likely to be in control of your weight.

(I have to track my triggers better,,,, this is one big challenge for me,,,,, my reward for losing weight use to be eating a huge meal and/or dessert! LOL,,, but not anymore,,,, I have to make changes to maintain continued weight loss)

Skill Four: Prepare for the Pushers

There will always be people who encourage you to go off your diet "just this once." That's not really a problem until "this once" becomes time and time again. Peer pressure doesn't end when you get older; it's ever-present if your friends and family correlate enjoying time with you to eating with you. Plan non-food activities with loved ones and work hard to resist temptation when you're in an environment where food is part of the festivities.

(This one is not too hard for me because I am a very independent person,,, I am the problem when it comes to "food pushers",, I rationalize that "just this one time won't hurt!",,,, and of course it does hurt my resolve and my progress,,,,, eventually my health if I don't change it)

Skill Five: Remember, It's About Health, Too

In a Web poll, 65% of our site's visitors said they were losing weight for appearance's sake; only 35% said they were doing it for their health. To be honest, that surprised me quite a bit, considering how great an impact weight loss has on health and overall quality of life.

The thing is, your slimmer self will become your norm. The compliments about your weight loss will die down. Once you've worn that "new and improved" size for a while, the thrill of trying on the clothes in your new wardrobe will start to fade. Shopping outside a plus size store, if you're doing so for the first time, will be exciting only for so long (or until your credit cards are maxed out). So, if you ask me, it's not all about looks.

When motivation to stick to your new eating and exercise habits wanes, and a quick glance in the mirror doesn't do the trick, considering the many health risks of obesity probably will get you going. By maintaining a healthier weight, you are more likely to live a longer life with fewer medical problems. Wearing a smaller size is just the icing on the cake; a happier, healthier life is the ultimate reward.

(I will push for a healtheir self,,,,, NOT to say that I don't enjoy the compliments and feeling better in the clothes I wear,,,, BUT the push for me is a healthier life,,,, where I don't have to be out of breath walking up a few flights of stairs,,,, where I don't have to worry about getting diabetes or suffering from heart issues which are both part of my family history)

I hope you find this article and my comments helpful! Let's continue fighting the good fight!
A man who wants something, will find a way; A man who doesn't, will find an excuse ~ Stephan Dolley Jr.
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    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1550 days ago
    You've learned all the most important elements of weight loss, Lily, according to my own experiences! Congratulations!!
    1550 days ago
    Lily - this is an excellent blog! Congratulations on your success thus far!

    Probably most of us have experienced losing weight before. The hardest part is keeping it off! I whole-heartedly agree with the concept of non-food rewards and setting small goals. As I was reading this, the thought occurred to me that rewards would be a great idea for maintenance too. For instance, for every 3 months you've kept the weight off -- you should build in a reward of some kind too. Interesting how all the focus is on losing the weight, when the hardest part of all is keeping it off!

    When I joined Spark - I was here to lose weight - period. However, with time my focus has really changed. I try to concentrate the most on how good I feel and what I've learned through the process. I still can't believe what a gift the Spark Community has been to my whole life -- not just my quest for better health!

    You my dear, are one of the fabulous additions to my life that I am very grateful for! As long as we stay in touch -- we can continue the life journey together!

    Thanks for writing this. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1551 days ago
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