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I'm going to cry!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Up? Really?

I started August with a recent high - 151. ugh. I wasn't alone though. Some of my teammates were also struggling and created a weight loss challenge for the month - PERFECT!

So I recommitted to working the system: good food choices, working out consistently, and logging EVERYTHING. How's it going? Well, my food choices have been good. Not perfect - but where I've "treated" I have planned for it by either eating less during the rest of the day or adding some extra cardio. Fitness: I've worked out every day that I was able to - days off only for needed recovery or when my schedule absolutely did not allow it. Logging? My family makes fun of me because I log as soon as I eat and measure everything (some guesstimates on food eaten out of the house).

First week I worked hard and lost less than a pound. Frustrating. Second week I worked harder and lost a pound and a half, hooray! This week I've been dealing with some family events so nutrition hasn't been exactly on track but not bad ... UP TO 152! HOW???? How can my weight be higher than ever? Higher than when I was just loosely following a good eating and fitness plan? Seriously, if I'm going to be this hungry (thus grouchy, lethargic, etc etc) and spend this much time counting each bite and step taken and have no results, it hardly seems worth it. I'm beyond discouraged.

My food and fitness trackers are set to share. If anyone has advice, I'm listening ... my own ideas are obviously not working!

And ok, I know... it's one day. The numbers go up and down. The scale doesn't show the whole picture. I know. But still. wah!!!! emoticon


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BLUESKY_321 8/21/2013 3:35PM

    I really do appreciate all the support and advice. Isn't SparkPeople great? Just look at all that love!

Happy to say the "grey cloud of despair" has moved on. Not sure if my weight was a fluke, a bubble, or what - because I'm not getting back on the scale until my next scheduled weigh in. Well, I'm going to try anyway! I'll just take it as a sign that I may need to re-evaluate what I'm doing. It might be time to mix things up a bit. We'll see. I'm not ready to do a 180 since I *feel* like I'm making good choices, but maybe I need to look at things a bit differently.

The good news: even though I was feeling discouraged I stayed strong! I worked out, I made good food choices. I'm rockin' the system!

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YJNANA 8/21/2013 3:09PM

    When you log on Sparks you can see *Sodium intake
its can really effect water gain.

and someone mentioned muscle, that too changes things a bit.

I am having issues with mine not moving too :) But we Never give up

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    Are you not getting enough sleep? Or do you have a lot of stress? I don't mean that in a "we are all stressed" but I definitely think rest makes such a difference to our body using the energy from our food and increasing our fitness/decreasing weight. It will move - sometimes the body just needs to be revved up:)

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PAULA-ZARYA 8/21/2013 3:26AM

    I know what these days are like myself. You do everything right and the scales don't show it. Don't give up results will come, change things around, try a new exercise and alter the foods you eat.
Trick your body into thinking hey this is something different I need to work on this. Sounds daft but it can sometimes make a difference. If the two diets you chose in the Beck Diet Solution are not working for you try a different one. I know it is hard remember You Are Worth It emoticon

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68ANNE 8/20/2013 9:46PM

    oh yea.
I was there for months, yes months.
Not what you wanted to hear but I did.
1st Stop going by the scale. Hard to do but you can and it will help. I still throw myself on the scale all the time but I stopped letting it control me. My weight is recorded on Saturday so that is the only day that matters
2nd Change your foods and meals. So people have foods that seem to contribute to weight gain even though they are 'healthy'.
I stopped eating salads every day and looked through my other foods. Now I use the mix and match meal planner and I am losing.
3rd Are you following the new plan or staying with the old food doesn't interact with fitness plan? I think that makes a big difference
4th Is it really not worth it? Would you rather be back there. . . before SP or taking the steps and counting know that at some point it will turn around.

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WONDERWOMAN 8/20/2013 8:17PM

    Everything everyone else said. But also, have you had a physical lately? All those symptoms together seem to be more than just "normal" up and down. Thyroid or some other imbalance. Might be worth checking out.

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BRENJET 8/20/2013 5:38PM

    We have all been there. You are doing just what you should...just be patient, it will come. You already know the things it could be...?water weight?...After you have a good cry, be sure to are on the right track and need to congratulate yourself!!!


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SEAJESS 8/20/2013 3:23PM

    Hey, my Beck buddy, be gentle on yourself! Just keep doing what you're doing and keep your eyes on the Big Picture. Sounds like you are doing well (other than putting a lot of pressure on yourself to show big results in a short time). Maybe make little changes like more water, less sodium, eating more meals but smaller ones at regular intervals. (It is true that the body will go into starvation mode and switch to slomo if you don't feed it regularly.)

And last, but not least, have you considered that you may be gaining muscle? Muscle weighs more than fat so you could be losing fat equal to the muscle you're gaining and showing gains on the scale. Use those nonscale measures like vitality, miles covered and so on.

I understand those "wah" thoughts and I have them every day but they don't serve me well and lead me into a path of behaviors that do not serve me well. A good friend told me "You can't stop a bird from landing on your head but you don't have to help it build a nest!" So shoo away that "wha" bird, acknowledge your awesomeness for being on your path and trust the process!

I'm cheering for you!


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