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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

good morning
I just had a revelation this morning. I accidentally forgot the stevia i normally put in my smoothie. And you know what? The smoothie tasted terrible. I was shocked by this because in the past my banana in the smoothie had been adequately sweet and was enjoyable. I also had begun to sweeten my banana sorbet ...and discovered a similar problem there....
Lately I've been drinking coffee again after months being off of it...(No more like YEARS off) and I kept debating with myself whether I really should get off the coffee again. And yeah. My coffee is almost completely caffeine free so it wasn't that. IT WAS THE SWEETNESS that I was craving. Yeah. Stevia...stevia ruined me because it made my taste buds "need" the sweetness. And all the ground I'd gained by being sugar free was shot to hell....all through the INNOCENT use of stevia. Now I have a choice. I can go on this way....or I can draw a line in the sand and refuse to cross that I can taste the natural sweetness of fruit or the taste of tea....This is the only path available to breaking my sweet addiction. And this will ultimately make me stop craving things like mocha lattes and ice cream. Will it be hard? Maybe. But I do need to draw some lines because my weight has been going UP instead of DOWN in the past week. Time to re-read Dr Fuhrman and hang out on my discussion forum there.

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    There's lot's of evidence supporting the sweeteners "addiction". It's like anything else we deal with. Once you get used to it's absence, you might not miss it.
Like reducing salt or caffeine.
I can't put sweetener's on my fruit or cereal, likewise I never use the salt shaker and rarely cook with salt.
I kept at it until I didn't need it.
Keep up the good work.

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    I think that what you describing is supported by scientific evidence...using artificial sweeteners can trigger and increase cravings for sweet things because your body responds to them in a similar way as it does when it encounters "real" sugar. I don't understand it but I have experienced it as true.

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ANGRITTER 8/20/2013 8:16PM

    I still have to use faux Sweet n Low so that I can enjoy coffee. I do not drink it black, I think it blondish. Like my hair... calico. I like just enough sweetener to make it sweet like candy, and blonde enough that it tastes more like heavily sweetened, thick tea. LOL

Bur it's a habit I have just picked up again. I just log it as my regular breakfast and I am sure not to go over throughout the day. I NEED my sweetened coffee. I NEED my diet coke with aspartame. And until some doctor comes along and tells me face to face that it is going to end my life to continue on this way, that is exactly how I am going to drink it.

Moderation... I can do. Cutting my livelihood and pleasure in life off is something I cannot do. So there are some things I will not give up, and I stand firm on that one. LOL

But good luck. Some days I wish I could give up coffee, and other days I try to limit myself to 7 cups a day. LOL

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_LINDA 8/20/2013 4:08PM

    I guess I am lucky. I have never added sugar or salt to things so can enjoy their natural flavors.
I read that going cold turkey is the only way to eliminate the sweets, that the cravings will subside and food will start to taste normal in a few days. I have a spark friend who struggles with sweets and wrote some nice blogs about it.
Its a very tough thing to do, but you have proven over and over how you can put your mind to something!
emoticon emoticon
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SEATTLE58 8/20/2013 2:20PM

    I know just what you mean. I had a little container of Yoplait 2X protein and it was too sour for my taste, so I added just a wee sprinkle of sugar and about a T. of grape nuts and what a difference. It made it possibly to eat. The flavor was cherry and pomegranate if that would make a difference. So now I know and you know that you for sure missed the stevia and will for sure remember it from now on!! emoticon How are you doing otherwise, Cyn?! I'm hanging in there with waiting to take my Humira once again. I think I told you about having to stop it because of an infection and going on antibiotics and now with feeling back to normal mostly, my Rheumy wants me to wait one week with feel normal before starting the Humira again. I hurt so much more in the meantime, but I also know that with the risks of infection, etc., the drug and the benefits by far and then some, outweigh the risks. I'm kind've nervous anyway with starting it again with what it did, but I know that I have to. Thinking of you dear buddy!

Karen emoticon

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ROCKPORT9 8/20/2013 2:10PM

    Wishing you well on losing even the sugar substitute. Hugs, Laurel

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JANISMKW 8/20/2013 1:46PM

    Wow. Interesting. I struggle too... is mine emotional eating or sugar addiction? I don't know. I saw a social worker who specializes in food issues and works with a board certified bariatrician (weight loss doctor, not surgeon). The first thing I said was that I think I'm addicted to sugar. Her response was that cutting anything out leads to binging on it later.
I wish you great success and blessings.

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JAZZYGF 8/20/2013 9:44AM

    yes I agree but a little sugar or substitute makes eating healthy I guess keeps me going. My smoothie this morning tasted bad also I forgot the sweet I use anything sugar substitute
Probably shouldn't but if that is all I am having at least it makes it better.
This is my 3rd night of no snacking after I go to bed. It is ssooooo difficult but need to see the scale going in the right direction. emoticon

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