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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Well, not really. This is all in reference to the car accident I got into last month, so there's no current injury, don't worry. Although, my head is kinda spinning from all this insurance crap.

I mean, the four thousand seven hundred and ninety one dollars (and a few cents to boot) that National Car Rental claims I owe them for damages to the vehicle I was driving during last months accident should be covered by my company's policy, I'd think. And the 1105 for the ER visit, aka 3 hours of mostly sitting around, is ostensibly being handled by my health insurance. And the $242 I apparently owe for professional services, which seemed to consist of a 30 second glance at my hand, well, at least it isn't $1105? And I'll ask the insurance person for the person who hit me about that. And that leave the $656 for the 0.4 mile ride in an ambulance for my then swollen hand. Again, I'll ask the other person's insurance about that (already sent an e-mail, and got an out of office message claiming they'll be away until "Monday, 7/8/13". Even in European terms, we're still talking about the past), but I haven't a clue, really, how they operate. I'm just thinking that I've been fortunate to not have to deal with insurance much in the past. And thinking that I'm kind of starting to loathe my health insurance, since I've been left with larger than expected out of pocket costs 2 out of the last three times I've gone to the ER (2009 and 2013, 2010 was relatively painless). I guess $242 isn't bad, but I don't think I'll fully trust that I don't owe more until I see a final bill.

But that's just me whining. In my insurance-angst mood, I happened to check my hotel loyalty point balances, to see if I could possibly swing some free nights when I got to Atlanta next month, and I realize that I'm getting severely under-credited for stays at my current hotel. As in entire stays aren't being registered. Between a couple of crossover programs, and other perks, this place is very generous with those point (in huge contrast to the stingy, stingy place I stayed at the majority of the first few months!). So being wide awake at 1:30 and in this complain-y mood, I went and complained. Dunno if it will do any good, but there's one way to find out!

But that means I'm wide awake at 1:45, and that 620 alarm clock doesn't budge. Or it shouldn't yield to the snooze button. It might, maybe, get fudged once or twice, until that second, 6:42 alarm kicks in. At which point....ummm...I might occasionally hit two snooze buttons, trying to squeeze 4 and a half minutes of sleep between the various rings. (2 can be "various", as long as there's a variation between them.)

Anyway. late meal from McDonald's tonight. Not the reason I'm feeling so huge and fat, but it probably won't help alleviate that feeling a week from now. That choice was largely determined by the fact that it's across the street from the hotel, and I can walk there in the time it takes to drive anywhere else.

Aaaand now I'm tired. Probably a good thing. Thanks for listening to me whine.

(if you're doing math, the other apprx 200 it takes to get to 7000 comes from the plane ticket change fee and the taxi ride home from the airport the night of the incident. There might be other costs I'm forgetting.)
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  • SHELTIE2013
    I was working in a and e as a student nurse once when an American came in, the doctor told them to " shut up, we'll look after you, we aren't used to all that insurance cr** and you just need a few sutures. We are not wasting our time figuring out how to get a few pounds back from your insurance company". Send them out the door about 1/2 hour later without them having to pay a penny! American came back the next day to make sure they didn't have to pay anything!!

    1645 days ago
    Sorry wow that's a huge expense
    1674 days ago
    Well, glad you vented. As far as advice, wish I had some. Do hope that the insurance wars works in your favor. Lord, I hate using insurance!

    HUGS and good luck.
    1676 days ago
    All insurance is a racket. You pay month in and month out, hoping to never need to use it, but when you do need it, the companies look for ways out of their obligation. I ate insurance!
    1677 days ago
    Ugh, how frustrating! Sorry to hear about all your woes. I think they make that sort of thing so complicated on purpose just to get people to give up on their claims before getting what they're owed. There are too many greedy evil people out there.

    Hope things get sorted out for you as soon as possible!
    1677 days ago
  • PRIZM96
    Damn! emoticon

    (That's all I got.)
    1677 days ago
    hope everything gets sorted out...
    1677 days ago
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