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Monday, August 19, 2013

Weigh in is typically Thursday, and I was happy with my modest 158 pounds, a 2 pound loss. But on Saturday, I weighed again (as I am wont to do), and was ASTONISHED to see 155. I weighed myself TWICE to make sure I read it correctly.

As I've said, my scale is off by about as much as 5 pounds. Regardless, this is a huge deal. This means I have only 10 more pounds to go - and even better, only ONE MORE POUND before I'm out of "Overweight" and into "Healthy" in the BMI range.

As I hit the last leg, I'm starting even more to look to maintenance. I'm thinking about healthy food choices and adding back the foods I've taken out while on Take Shape for Life/Medifast. Moderation and portion controls are HUGE keys. It's OK to have milk with my coffee (I can't WAIT to have a vanilla latte - nonfat and sugar-free this time, of course!), but I need to be careful what I put into my mouth.

No more mindless eating sessions. No more bad food choices. No more out of control portions. No more not knowing what I'll eat. No more eating because I'm bored or lonely or sad.

Food is good and enjoyable, but it is also just fuel. It's OK to have a sweet treat, but is it REALLY worth the calories? Should I REALLY have that big of a slice? Or maybe is there an alternative that is just as yummy but lower calorie?

These are all things whirling around in my mind as I giddily get closer to the end of the weight loss journey and step off into Maintenance.

But for now, I'm going to spend a few more minutes basking in being so close to a Healthy BMI!! Maybe I'll celebrate by running tonight :)
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