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Family picnic time

Sunday, August 18, 2013

There are a bunch of late July-early August birthdays in our family, so we have one big picnic to celebrate them all sometime in August. Today was the day. I slept in today after yesterday's early morning and late night, so I had just finished walking the dog when my brother called to let me know he would be picking me up. It took him nearly an hour to get my niece out the door though. She is 13, and for some reason everything takes her twice as long as it does the rest of us. He finally picked me up and I made him stop at Tim Horton's so I could get a cup of coffee. I needed it. I just couldn't wake up today.

Got out to the farm and helped mom and dad get organized to go to my other brother's place. Then helped unload the truck once they got there. We call my brother "Og", as he is the grill master in our family. As in "Og burn flesh" or "Og eat meat"... we think it is funny anyway. He grilled hamburgers, sausage and garden burgers. (The garden burgers were grilled on a separate fire so they wouldn't be contaminated by the meat. ) He also grilled corn on the cob from my dad's garden. There was beer and juice and various types of salads and chips. Plus lots of garlic bread. Then we had chocolate cake (baked by the 13 year old... and it was very good) and ice cream or non dairy ice cream. A couple of us have lactose issues, so we always provide non dairy options.

After dinner the birthday folks opened gifts, then the girls went off to practice their archery. Allegra (the 13 year old) got a quiver and an armguard from her mother from Dick's Sporting Goods. Allegra was rolling on the ground in laughter after her mother said she "spent a long time looking at Dick's"... she is 13, bodily functions and sex are pretty darn funny to her.

That took up most of the day. Now I am chilling with the dog. I am ready to get back into my routine. The only things extra I need to do this week are to go get blood work done again tomorrow, and make an appointment with the chiropractor. My blood work is out of whack again (still), and my back/hip is still bothering me from pulling garlic on the 9th. Other than that I have a quiet week planned. I don't have another 5k on my schedule yet, but I am going to keep running. There is always the one on Thanksgiving.
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